UEFA under fire for promotion of fan tokens via Socios.com partnership

TL;DR Breakdown

• The Champions League currently in a trend of bad decisions.
• UEFA gains fame for using questionable fan tokens.

The Union of European Football Association’s Champions League has recently come under criticism for its decisions. UEFA has reportedly negotiated with Socios.com, a web platform linked to fan tokens.

The UEFA Champions League decision to link up with the company dedicated to trading fan tokens has been criticized. The FSA, a non-profit association with around 40 member countries, says this decision is inexplicable.

UEFA Champions league and poor decisions


The FSE marked the alliance between the UEFA Champions League and Socios.com as a poor strategy. FSE thinks that the football industry requires caution against cryptocurrency traders but did not provide further details.

According to the FSE, its purpose has always been to care for the sports fan experience and associated companies. FSE concludes by saying that there are various ways that societies can interact with fans, but investments in fan tokens are definitely not a part.

The Socios.com web platform offers quality fan tokens to sports clubs and societies merchants. To purchase these special tokens, the fan must purchase the chiliz token with their local currency to eventually get the fan tokens

With the purchase of each fan token, the supporters will have rights over the decisions of the sports club, which UEFA has considered as a revolutionary idea. On the other hand, the Champions League promised a couple of rewards to its participants, such as the possibility of having a premium trip or attending a sporting event. However, these UEFA developments may be affected by the negative feedback the project has received.

The publicity chief at the federation believes that with this partnership, fans would be able to play with the team because fan tokens will prioritize each club’s selections. Socios.com could offer all the tools to launch a project that the client deserves, and its reputation supports it.

The number of fans who would accept tokens for fans is greater than those who refuse to use them according to the project’s initiative, so the idea is promising.

Source: https://www.cryptopolitan.com/uefa-is-criticized-for-partnering-with-socios/