U.S. Reportedly Gave Ukraine Intel To Help Sink Russian Warship Moskva


Ukraine used U.S.-provided intelligence to confirm the location of the Russian warship Moskva before striking it in April, several media outlets reported Thursday, reflecting a close intelligence-sharing sharing relationship between the two allies.

Key Facts

After Ukrainian forces located the Moskva on the Black Sea, they contacted U.S. forces to confirm its identity prior to firing on it, though it was unclear if Ukraine communicated to the U.S. its intention to attack the ship, CNN reported, citing unnamed sources.

The Biden Administration has also provided to-the-minute battlefield intelligence data to Ukraine, as well as projections of future Russian troop maneuvers in eastern Ukraine, the Times reported, citing U.S. officials.

The United States has attempted to keep its intelligence-sharing operations with Ukraine under wraps so as not to antagonize Russia into more aggressive action, the Times reported.

Though these revelations indicate a very close relationship between the U.S. and Ukraine during the Russian invasion, U.S. officials have refused to disclose information to their Ukrainian counterparts on possible targets inside Russia, CNN reported.

Key Background

Originally christened the Slava when it entered service in the 1980s, the Moskva was the flagship of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet until it was sunk after being struck by two Neptune missiles fired by Ukrainian forces. Though Russia admitted the ship had been destroyed, state media claimed that it had sunk following an accidental fire that caused ammunition to explode. The Moskva is best known for its participation in the February 24 Snake Island incident, in which defiant Ukrainian State Border Guard personnel allegedly refused to surrender, declaring by radio, “Russian warship, go f*** yourself.” The incident has since been memorialized by a Ukrainian stamp depicting a border guard making a vulgar gesture toward the Moskva. Ukraine initially said the border guards were killed, but later confirmed they were captured by Russia.


CNN reported the U.S. has not shared the locations of individual Russian military commanders. However, the New York Times reported earlier Wednesday that U.S.-provided intelligence has been used by Ukrainian forces to target and kill Russian generals.

Further Reading

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