Twitter Is Elon Musk’s Biggest Test—and Tesla’s Biggest Challenge. How They’ll Make It Work.

Elon Musk officially owns Twitter—and now the hand-wringing about his ability to oversee the rest of his empire has begun again. Of all the concerns around


however, Musk’s ability to manage his time is probably furthest down the list.

Musk likes to think of himself as a problem solver, and he has a big one to solve in Twitter. The social-media company is far from profitable, and Musk loaded it up with debt to make the acquisition. Finding a way to cut costs while generating new revenue from the largest tech leveraged buyout ever is a challenge that will test his problem-solving skills and pull his attention away from Tesla (ticker: TSLA), SpaceX, The Boring Co., and Neuralink, the four other companies he controls.