True Utility Comes from Long-Term Proven Investments, Knows This, Dogecoin Cannot Compare

For any asset to hold value, users must first trust that it is valuable. For instance, we value gold because it is a scarce commodity that cannot be reproduced. Similarly, crypto assets generate their value by proving their viability to users. That’s why crypto markets are so volatile – people are speculating about the worth of different digital assets.

Not all assets in the market are volatile. Some, like Uniglo, have been built to weather such storms. The protocol takes a new approach to creating value for community ecosystems. Uniglo runs a self-sustaining economy, backed heavily by high-worth assets to keep it stable amid turmoil in crypto markets.

What is Uniglo’s Goal?

Primarily, the goal for Uniglo is to introduce a safe and trusted way for communities of investors to grow their assets while enjoying the best that blockchain offers. The top objective for Uniglo is to guard the project against market volatility effects. This way, the community enjoys a safe ecosystem free of sharp fluctuations.

Behind this goal, Uniglo has set up a pool of reserve assets to back up the project and its native token, $GLO. The treasury comprises carefully picked diversified assets with proven long-term viability. This pool includes ultra-rare NFTs, top cryptocurrencies, and tokenized physical assets. Altogether, the assets cushion $GLO from falling sharply in the case of bear markets.

Uniglo aims to sustain the organic growth of its native token over time. So, the diversification of backup assets limits the risk exposures for Uniglo, averting an FTX-style collapse (which significantly relied on its own utility token, $FTT.)

How Does Uniglo Compare to Dogecoin?

Dogecoin is the most popular meme coin, thanks to support from Elon Musk. The token, which started as a joke, largely owes its valuation to hype rather than utility. Following the support from crypto whales, the project soared to its all-time highs. On the contrary, Uniglo has built a utility-oriented architecture from scratch to generate reliable value for its user base.

Also, Uniglo and Dogecoin’s supply mechanisms are different. There is no maximum supply of $DOGE, making the token inflationary. However, Uniglo is hyper-deflationary. First, the project has a capped supply of 217.1 million tokens. Then, the token supply degenerates quickly based on the in-built mechanisms which burn tokens periodically.

Arguably, while comparing the two projects, it is justifiable to say that Dogecoin is built on quicksand. The project could start plummeting immediately after the hype falls. For Uniglo, its developers are focused on building a long-term project with a solid foundation that will sustain its viability in the long term.


Like in any other investment, trust is earned by proving viability. Investors, especially those with a low-risk appetite, require a project that is efficient into the future rather than short risky gains that could soon turn into mega losses. Uniglo’s robust treasury and utility-rich token are miles ahead of Dogecoin’s hype-driven valuation.

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