Top 5 Most Popular Australian Online Gamblers

Top 5 Most Popular Australian Online Gamblers

It’s no mystery that Australians enjoy gambling at 10 dollar deposit online real money casino sites. While many individuals lose cash on this controversial sport each year, some strike it rich. We’re speaking huge here. Some talented gamers are the consequence of playing intelligently, while others are the consequence of what can best be described as a stroke of fortune. 

So, who are Australia’s wealthiest players? Each has a different narrative about how they scored big—studying and earning the title, of wealthiest and most legendary Australian competitors.

Top Five Wealthiest Australian Gamers

  • Kerry Packer
  • Zeljko Ranogajec
  • William Lloyd
  • Alan Woods
  • David Walsh

Kerry Packer

Packer began gambling after inheriting his family’s money. When his dad died in the 1970s, he left Packer $100 million in assets, comprising television and gaming enterprises done outside of official rules. He had a bit of poor luck in the 1990s, squandering $28 million in less than a month. He was, nevertheless, a horseracing and cricket expert. During a one-week vacation at the MGM Grand Casino, he went away with more than $33 million in winnings from different table games and slots. He’s also famous for scoring twenty hands of baccarat in under 20 minutes, each worth $115,000. 

The deceased Kerry Packer founded World Series Cricket, and his son James owns multiple casinos. The late Kerry Packer founded World Series Cricket, and his son James owns multiple casinos. Kerry Packer was a gambler as well as a businessman. He was lucky in that his bets typically paid off handsomely. In 1987, he took one of his greatest dangers by selling his father’s firm and the major source of profit, Nine Network. This proved to be a sensible decision, as the individual he sold it could not handle it as successfully as Packer had expected. 

Three years later, he procured it back for a segment of the cost, re-invested his returns, and earned considerable profits from his 25% stake in the Foxtel Pay TV Consortium. Kerry Packer died in December 2005, at the age of 68. His total wealth is $6.5 billion at the moment. His son, James Packer, remains one of the best world’s wealthiest casino managers.

Zeljko Ranogajec

Ranogajec is adept at horse racing gambling, but he keeps his earnings private. According to trade sources, he is the world’s largest race gambler, with a global wagering transaction of more than $1 billion each year. He was born into a Croatian settler family in Australia. He started operating at the Wrest Point Casino doing card counting in Blackjack while learning Commerce and Law at the University of Tasmania. He decided to quit education to explore benefit gaming, which paid out substantially. Experienced blackjack gamers consider Ranogajec one of the greatest successful and inventive advantage gamers of all time.

Not only is Ranogajec a specialist at horse gambling, via which he is reported to wager in Japan, Hong Kong, England, New Zealand, and the United States, but expert blackjack gamers say he is one of the most ingenious advantage gamblers in the game’s history. He is well-known for beginning a game with a few hundred dollars and going away with millions. He won so much cash that most of Australia’s best casinos blacklisted him. Following his transfer abroad, he was even barred from entering casinos in the United States. In 2011, he was recognized in the Blackjack Hall of Fame. Zeljko Ranogajec’s other major victories included a $7.5 million Keno prize in New South Wales in 1994.

William Lloyd

He is an entrepreneur and one of Australia’s most prosperous bettors. He was pals with Kerry Packer, the creator of Melbourne’s famed Crown Casino and Entertainment Complex. The 10 dollar deposit online real money casino, which launched in 1994, is still the greatest in the country and one of the biggest. Williams sold the majority of his holdings to Packer family firms, notably their Publishing and Broadcasting Limited company, in 1999. After Packer’s death, he and David Gonski were assigned as co-executors of his assets.

Four times, Williams and his spouse, Suzie, have claimed Australia’s most coveted race, the Melbourne Cup. Lloyd Williams is one of Australia’s greatest equine racehorse proprietors, and his lucrative commercial endeavours and links to the Packer dynasty. He is most known for claiming the prestigious Melbourne Cup four times, earning him a milestone setter as one of just four thoroughbred managers globally to do so. He scored with his horse, just a Dash, in 1981, and a Menace was the winning horse in 1985. 

In 2007, he triumphed with his horse Efficient, and in 2012, he won with his horse Green Moon. Lloyd Williams’ net worth was estimated to be $670 million by Forbes Asia in 2012.

Alan Woods

He was not just one of Australia’s most successful players but also one of the world’s greatest and most inventive bettors. He died in Hong Kong in 2008 as one of the world’s top three players, and he is still considered such now. Woods instigated his gaming profession by gaming blackjack at local New South Wales gambling den. He was a gifted mathematician who developed his abilities to excel at gaming. He visited Hong Kong in the 1980s with his buddy and betting companion, Bill Benter. They created a gaming organization and began betting on horses. 

They had no idea they would’ve been catching the market by blitz as one of the most dominant franchises in horse racing history — despite never having set foot on a racecourse. Woods is regarded as one of the world’s top three horse racing bettors. Many observers consider Woods to be among the top three horse racing bettors globally. Alan and Bill’s success was entirely due to their mathematical abilities, which enabled them to create ingenious computer software that employed algorithms to select race victors depending on form, track, weather, and other characteristics. 

Woods saw racing as just another calculation to solve, just like he did all else in existence. When the two split up in 1987, their gambling network flourished in Hong Kong, even while Woods was in Manila. Alan’s net worth was stated to be $670 million at his demise.

David Walsh

While David Walsh is renowned for founding the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA), he is also a skilled player who made his wealth in the field. Before pursuing painting, he studied computer science and mathematics at the University of Tasmania, a decision that would transform his life. He was able to establish a wagering method by gambling on horse racing and other sports due to his education. Walsh has been regarded as the earth’s largest betting ring boss by Australian publications. This syndicate, known as the Bank Roll, comprises 17 members. Zeljko Ranogajec, a well-known player and Walsh’s best buddy, is the group’s second head.

Ranogajec and Walsh met through Australia’s first legal casino, which debuted six years before Walsh started at the University of Tasmania. Other individuals from the Physics Club would go to the casino for fun, check out equations, and win a little cash. Still, Walsh was the only genuine about going up before encountering Ranogajec, who contacted him after hearing about Walsh’s betting math talents. After a disastrous trip to Las Vegas, Walsh and Ranogajec returned to Australia, where Walsh began developing his horse racing computer software. They tested it out for the first time in 1987 and won. 

They succeeded in the program for years, making cash. Walsh’s interests moved to art in 1995, and he finally spent all of his money on art collections and museums. He acquired $80 million from Ranogajec in 2008 to embark on his most ambitious project, MONA, which debuted in 2011. He has since had tax troubles with the ATO, but all has been resolved, and his exhibition is a triumph. Like every other player, these great Australian gamers began with a desire and attained it in their distinctive ways. With a little intellect, luck, patience, and optimism, you may be the next person to go down in history with these enormous victors.

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