Today’s Wordle #612 Hint, Clues And Answer For Tuesday, February 21st

Three day weekends throw me off a bit, so I’m still getting used to the idea that today is Tuesday and not Monday. I mean, I worked on Monday, but I work every day so I mostly gauge weekdays and weekends by whether or not my kids are in school, and whether or not I have to get up to take them to school. I love summers and weekends and snow days because I love sleeping in, though I rarely make it past 9 am. (Which is still a fair sight better than 7 am!)

I had a pretty good three-day weekend, though. I worked out a lot. OrangeTheory, weight-lifting, yoga and Pilates, even a couple snowy hikes with the doggies. I’m sore and tired and really wish I could sleep 12 hours at a time. It’s also supposed to snow more here. We’ve had plenty but the forecast says another 18 to 24 inches by Saturday, so that’s something. Gotta get those shoveling muscles swole.

Snow means staying inside warm by the fire with coffee and a good book, at least in theory. My goal this week is to play less Call Of Duty and read more. We’ll see how that goes. For now, let’s do this Wordle!

How To Solve Today’s Wordle

The Hint: Similar to rosy, at least when it comes to complexions.

The Clue: This word has a double consonant.

The Answer (Spoilers):




Well diner did a lot better than I expected today, leaving me with just 25 remaining solutions and two yellow boxes. I was a little bummed when sword kept those boxes yellow, but I guess it slashed the number of possibilities down to just three, so that’s good!

Hardy (as in Hardy Boys) left me with just one option, and I came up with it soon enough despite it being one of those words you don’t hear or say often: Ruddy. The dwarf had ruddy cheeks and a thick, black beard, with bushy black eyebrows above his glimmering grey eyes.

Today, I get zero points for guessing in four, but one point for beating the villainous Wordle Bot who took a whopping five tries to get the answer today. Take that, fiend! Huzzah!

I went to Ant-Man 3 this weekend also. You can read my review here or watch my video review below:

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