Today’s Wordle #560 Hints, Clues And Answer For Saturday, December 31st

Well the day has finally come. We’ve arrived at the bitter end of 2022. A brand new year stretches out ahead of us, though not before a night of merrymaking. It’s time to start thinking about those New Year’s resolutions—though not quite yet time to act on them. As we all know, the new year only truly begins on the 2nd of January. The 1st is still a party.

What a long strange trip it’s been this year. So many big changes in my life, though mostly those changes have been for the best, however hard it’s been at times. But can you really live without a little struggle? Not too much, mind you. Just enough to keep the edge.

Another way you can keep the edge? Solving every day’s Wordle! With me, your humble narrator and friendly neighborhood Wordle guide writer! Let’s solve the final Wordle of 2022 together right here, right now, right here, right now . . . .

Today’s Wordle Solution (with spoilers!)

The Hint: When you see pictures of meor sing ballads about Gaston—this word immediately leaps to mind.

The Clue: This word ends in a letter that can function as either a vowel or a consonant.

The Answer:

Another five-guess Wordle for me (losing out to Wordle Bot’s four guesses, alas). This isn’t exactly how I wanted to wrap up 2022—that hole in one sure would have been nice!—but I just had bad luck from the get-go. Steak left me with 259 words, and proud only cut that down to 46, which is still a bunch.

Cabin was somewhat better, giving me my first green box and slashing the remaining possibilities down to just 8. I wish I’d guessed manly instead of mangy but at least it got me most of the way there.

Three huzzahs for the New Year! I hope all of you have a wonderful New Year’s Eve! I’ll see you in 2023 . . . .

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