Today’s Wordle #521 Hints, Clues And Answer For Tuesday, November 22nd

Wordle! Time for a Wordle! Another one!

And hey, why not? It’s almost winter. What better time to solve puzzles?

December approaches and with it the end of fall, the coming of Christmas and…in the end, New Year’s Eve. What does 2023 hold? Only time will tell.

I have nothing else to say today, gentle readers. Let’s do this Wordle!

Today’s Wordle Solution (Spoilers!)

The Hint: What do Amazon, the Transformers and Rib all share in common?

The Clue: There are more consonants than vowels in this word.

The Answer:

This went quite well today! I beat Wordle Bot, who took four to get to the answer. I was happy with three.

Cameo was a great starting word. I’m surprised I haven’t used it before. It slashed my remaining solutions down to just 28. Fluid brought that number even lower to just 3. My final guess—prime—was lucky, given three answers were left, but ultimately got me the win.

Huzzah! Time to go buy some Thanksgiving supplies!