Today’s Wordle #490 Hint, Clues And Answer For Saturday, October 22nd Word Of The Day

We’ve had some pretty decent Wordles lately. I always prefer the more challenging words. Wordle is a pretty straightforward game compared to more challenging puzzles like Spelling Bee, so the harder the word the better. Today’s is definitely trickier than most.

I welcome the challenge. I’m just finally getting over this two-week cold and as the brain fog lifts, I want to be challenged. That was certainly not the case when I went to Black Adam, a superhero movie that promised to upend the DC Extended Universe but is, effectively, just another formulaic dud. The only challenging thing about the film was staying awake (something my teenage daughter was incapable of, dozing off about halfway through). You can read my Black Adam review right here, or watch my video review below:

So many of the problems with bad TV and mediocre movies these days can be traced back to bad writing. As someone who values writing above just about everything else, I suppose I’m a bit biased in that regard. But I do believe, fundamentally, that these studios are paying top dollar for big, flashy special effects and skimping on the script. There are plenty of great writers out there, but their talents are clearly not being taken into consideration. The script, it seems, is not considered as important as the CGI. When you have The Rock’s bulging biceps, who cares about a great story, right?

Wrong! There’s a reason Jumanji was such a massive hit. The script was solid and gave the cast lots of great material to work with. It let The Rock shine in ways that Black Adam simply can’t possibly match. What a shame.

In any case, we have a Wordle to solve. I’ll quit lamenting the state of modern cinema and get on with it . . . .

Today’s Wordle Solution (Spoilers!)

The Hint: Similar to a sales pitch.

The Clue: There are two consecutive vowels in this word.

The Answer:

I feel pretty good about this one. Four isn’t ideal—the back-half of the guessing spread just has a red ribbon feel about it—but this was a tricky word!

I got very lucky with my opening guess, but even still, getting to the final answer took time. Quiet (as in A Quiet Place, which you must see ASAP if you haven’t already) knocked out all but 32 words.

Right away I thought of a guess that I was really hopeful would be the correct answer, as it was the only one I could think of: Chief, however, didn’t even get me another letter. I settled on klieg for guess #3, which is a type of lamp used in filmmaking, which thankfully got me a yellow ‘L.’

Once I put that ‘L’ in the final box I immediately thought of spiel, and fortunately for me, it was the answer. Huzzah!

So yeah, that’s a tough word that did not come to me very quickly. It came faster to Wordle Bot—the villain of this story—who guessed slate / wheel / spiel which, I dunno, just seems egregiously lucky to me.

Happy Saturday folks! May your weekend be filled with joy and splendor!