The Viral Photo That Shows How Dedicated ‘Lion Tamer’ Gavi Is To The FC Barcelona Cause

A viral photo from his team’s 1-0 win over Athletic Bilbao on Sunday has shown just how dedicated Gavi is to the FC Barcelona cause.

The number ‘6’ previously described as a “heart with legs” by his head coach Xavi Hernandez put it all on the line yet again in one of the most difficult grounds in Spain.

Bitter rivals Real Madrid had reduced their La Liga title race lead to just six points by beating Espanyol on Saturday, but Barca managed to extend the deficit to nine once more after a first half sealer from Raphinha.

It was also in the opening 45 minutes that Gavi produced a moment which summed up just how dedicated he is to Barca’s cause in trying to land their first Spanish top flight title in four years.

In scenes that would make his Uruguayan teammate Ronald Araujo – who was suspended due to a red card last time out against Valencia – proud, Gavi threw himself to the turf and went head first into a grounded challenge while risking decapitation.

Photos of the incident have spread across social media, but should come as no surprise to those familiar with the 18-year-old Golden Boy’s game.

Gavi was returning from his own suspension for the vital fixture in the Basque Country, and SPORT commended him for being a “lion tamer” in hostile territory where he was subjected to offensive chants from home fans that threw fake notes in reference to Barca’s legal troubles.

After putting in a strong display in the first half, Gavi was commended for improving in the second while finding more space and playing between the lines.

It was also noted that he lost fewer balls and made more interventions, with one when there was around a quarter of an hour to spare resulting in him launching a fierce run that threatened to double the scoreline.

“The more difficult the match was, the more he appeared in all areas of the field,” the Catalan daily newspaper said, and Gavi now goes into the most important match of his career so far when Barca host Madrid in El Clasico on March 19 in a tie that could decide where the league championship ends up.