The Only ‘Better Call Saul’ Season 5 Recap You Need To Watch Ahead Of Tonight’s Premiere

While AMC has not put its endless series of Walking Dead episodes on pause, given that Fear the Walking Dead has now started last night the week after The Walking Dead took a break, we are back to a series that no one is debating the quality of, the final season of Better Call Saul.

The Breaking Bad spin-off is entering its sixth and final season, the capstone on a run that some would argue may actually be better than Breaking Bad, the show that spawned the prequel. Others may disagree but regardless, it’s an incredible series, and season 6 is about to debut with perfect scores from critics.

It has been two years since Better Call Saul aired its season 5 finale in April 2020, and we’ve seen delays because of COVID, and also star Bob Odenkirk has a heart attack scare that he has needed to recover from. The final season is 13 episodes and split into 7 and 6 halves. The second half will start in July, taking about a two month break from when the first batch of episodes ends in May. Tonight will be a two episode premiere. I’ve seen both of them already, and I will not spoil anything other than to say: they’re great.

Since it has been two years since the season 5 finale, you may want to refresh your memory about what happened last season, and you may not have time to watch 10 episodes before tonight. AMC has condensed the entire season down to a 15 minute recap that you can watch below, which include some of the best moments from the whole series that we saw in season 5.

Haha, good thumbnail.

If that’s still not enough and you want a longer refresher course, there’s also a season 1-4 recap that shows the full arc of Jimmy McGill to when he becomes Saul Goodman at the end of the season 4 finale:

This season, we’ve been promised cameos from Walt and Jesse, though likely only brief ones, given that their stories don’t intersect with Saul’s for a good long while. We’ve already seen Hank, and obvious Gus and Mike are huge parts of the central cast.

Better Call Saul will end its run as one of the best shows of an already golden era of TV, and I cannot wait to see where things go, even though as a prequel, we should already know to some extent. And yet Saul manages to stay tense the entire time. Kim! What happens to Kim!?!

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