The IDO Space Needs More Self-Regulation. How Is BullPerks Leading The Way? 

Crypto is in a bear market, which means a shift in strategies for projects and their investors. As traditional stocks tumble and inflation soars, the larger market continues to influence where and how we spend, even in the crypto sector. This economic downturn is shining a light on areas of the crypto industry needing redefinition, one of the most important being the IDO investment process.

Industry leaders are being called to tighten their crypto launchpads’ self-regulations to strengthen the industry as a whole and empower innovative projects as we collectively move through this bear market period. The more solid foundation will be built today, the better chances that the most influential parts of the industry will be more adept at seizing opportunities. In addition, regulations will help raise investment quality and mitigate pitfalls in the process.

Below we will examine why crypto launchpads need to seriously consider tightening self-regulation while also showcasing some of the newest IDO policies that are paving the way for a more successful crypto future. 

Why Do Crypto Launchpads Need More Self-Regulation? 

The squeeze presented by an economic downturn and a bear market does not leave much extra room for crypto enthusiasts to invest in emerging markets.

While this bear market highlights many of the issues presented with the current IDO investment process, it also provides the opportunity to clear away the people and projects who participate for the wrong reasons. The world now sees how the influence of hype and the massive price rally caused people to focus on speculation rather than building essential products. With crypto launchpads redefining self-regulation, development can redirect focus back to the projects building up the industry.

Crypto launchpads are essential facilitators that bring promising projects, entrepreneurs, and investors together in supportive and successful ways. As these launchpads feature no strict rules or regulations, they open up a customized experience with users as their primary driving markets; the desire is to connect the community with exciting opportunities in an emerging field. 

But as decentralized entities, even the most reputable launchpads encounter trends that threaten to jeopardize their credibility and harm the community. These include insufficient marketing strategies, delayed token distribution, and more. Without a centralizing effort to create the best practices and industry regulations, areas of the industry will be more vulnerable to scams and uncertainty. The need for crypto launchpads to embrace an era of more comprehensive self-regulation is more evident now than ever.

BullPerks Is a New Policy Maker In the IDO Space

BullPerks is now applying new IDO investment regulations based on over 2-months of research, extensive launch experience, and community feedback. These regulations benefit both investors and projects as a comprehensive guide to ensure all avenues of IDO success. In addition, the selected project will receive extensive support in marketing, tokenomics, advisory, launch strategies, and more from BullPerks’ highly knowledgeable team of experts.

For BullPerks, it has always been a high priority to practice thoughtful due diligence on all IDO projects they launch on their platform. That being said, this foundational structure has made it possible to evolve and implement new policies as the industry progresses and for its launchpad’s success.

The effort will need to come from a united collective front, with industry leaders in pillar companies coming together to establish consistent self-regulation strategies to hold the projects coming through their launchpads to the highest level, encouraging increased chances of success, especially in a time of economic uncertainty. Publicly implementing these new policies within an established safety-minded system gives BullPerks the ability to incentivize responsible and well-intentioned entrepreneurs. The incentive of properly vetted projects also helps to effectively filter out those who do not want to utilize the community or its funds in the correct ways.

BullPerks co-founder Eran Elhanani notes, “We have seen too many projects taking advantage of retail investors, so these new regulations are to protect those investors and hold projects accountable. We are in the process of creating an alliance of top launchpads to make these rules and more into industry standards”.

Some of BullPerks’ new IDO regulations include:

  • Not accepting projects with unreasonable valuations (FDV) or where multiples between the seed and the public rounds are more than 5x. 
  • Not participating in project launches if more than 4–5 launchpads are participating in the project public launch.
  • Limiting projects launching on our platform to around $1M in public raise unless there are exceptional reasons to justify a more significant raise.
  • Enforcing that all projects will verify the distribution times of all parties.

To view the complete list of IDO regulations, click here.


BullPerks is taking charge of utilizing the bear market as an opportunity to redefine its regulations and best practice protocols as a self-preserving strategy and a way to lead other crypto launchpads in a collective effort. In taking this time to establish a more vital IDO investment process comprehensively, crypto launchpads can enhance the experience of the investor and the project while mitigating any problems that arise. As a result, the future of the crypto launchpad, and in turn, the IDO investment process, can become solidified as a consistent and secure way for new promising companies to make their mark for the better. 

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