Tezos All-Stars winner Tyler Courtney: Can Sports fuel Tezos?

  • Tyler Courtney is Tezos All Stars Circuit of Champions winner.
  • Tezos has partnered with Manchester United and FloSports.

The blockchain network Tezon is a hosting network associated with their digital token Tez (XTZ), commonly called tezzie. It facilitates access to Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Decentralized Applications (dApps), along with many Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) projects. It is known for supporting and collaborating with many sporting events and teams. Major being the Manchester United and the All-Star Circuit of Champions. Yesterday Tyler Courtney won the Tezos All-Star Championship in East Bay, Florida.  

Operating from Switzerland, Tezos was founded in 2014 by Arthur Breitman and Kathleen Breitman, along with a group of core developers. It is owned by Dynamic Ledger Solutions (DLS). Unlike other blockchains, Tezos ruled out the possibilities of hard forks and blockchain splits as their governance mechanism adopts and instills the protocol upgrades carefully chosen by the voting process, which is proportional to the users’ economic stake in Tezos. 

France native Arthur Breitman was an engineer at Google X and Waymo (Morgan Stanley). He developed the concept, the company, and his wife, Kathleen. The two met at an Anarcho-Capitalist meetup in New York. Developed the concept. During his tenure at Morgan Stanley in 2014, he published a white paper with a pseudonym, drawing three principles of Tezos. 

It works on a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) mechanism for validating transactions, allowing it to be faster and use much less energy than Bitcoin mining. They had a very successful ICO in June 2017, managed by Tezos Foundation and raised $232 million in 2 weeks. They accepted contributions in both Ethereum and Bitcoin. The 13 days of the ICO saw nearly 66,000 BTC and 361,000 ETH collected. 

Just after the ICO, there were some management issues. The head of the Tazos Foundation held all the funds, and they refused to release the funds to its co-founders. This attracted a lot of media attention, but soon the issues were resolved, and the project worked on the intended path. 

Tez hit their top of $8 in October 2021, eventually declining to just $2 in June 2022. At the time of writing, Tezos has $22.39 million of Total Value Locked (TVL), with a positive change of 10.58%. Its Liquidity Bank Dominance is 86.48%. 

Source: Tezos Defillama

Manchester United

The legendary football club announced a multi-year partnership with Tezos. They would now be featured on the club’s training kit ranges for male and female athletes. This partnership will introduce Manchester fans to Web3 technology via the Tezos blockchain. Along with branding on their kits, the blockchain has also pledged to support the Manchester United Foundation with tez donations; the native cryptocurrency would be used to train, educate and inspire people of young age within the local community. 

All-Star Circuit of Champions and FloSports

Tezos is the official series title sponsor for the All-Star Circuit of Champions presented by Mobil 1. The video streaming service FloSports is dedicated to sports and offers live and on-demand access to numerous sporting events across more than 25 vertices in the US and abroad. Also entered a multi-year technical partnership with Tezos. 

The All-Star Circuit of Champions, FloRacing and Tezos would be educating the sprint cars fans about the exciting blockchain technology. Along with the opportunities presented by Tezos blockchain and NFTS. There will also be the creation of NFTs specific to All-Star. While the relationship between All-Star and FloRacing remains unchanged, and all the events are exclusively streamed live on FloRacing. 

Tyler Courtney emerged victorious in the Tezos All-Star Circuit Championship presented by Mobil 1 at East Bay Raceway Park in Tampa, Florida, on February 15, 2023. His victory managed a $6,000 score for the Indianapolis, Indiana, and native simultaneously. He now has a series win of 18. The 2023 season will resume on 7 & 8 April 2023, with Attica Raceway Park’s annual core and Main Springs Nationals. 

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