Swedish Probe Finds ‘Detonations’ Caused Nord Stream Leak


A preliminary probe by the Swedish Security Service found “detonations” caused the leaks in the critical undersea Nord Stream gas pipelines connecting Russia and Germany, adding further credence to the suspicions of sabotage—but not of who did it.

Key Facts

In a press release, the Swedish Security Service said its investigation found detonations near both the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines—inside Sweden’s economic zone—resulted in “extensive damage.”

The agency added its findings have “strengthened the suspicions of gross sabotage,” reiterating a concern raised by several leaders in the West including President Joe Biden.

Investigators have seized some materials from the site of the damage and a security cordon around the area has now been lifted.

The agency said its investigation will now attempt to determine if anyone “can be suspected of…[or]

Key Background

Last month, multiple leaks were reported on the critical Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 pipelines. Both NATO and the European Union have said they believe the leaks were an act of sabotage and threatened a “robust and united response” in case there were more such incidents. In a more direct statement, Biden said the leaks were a “deliberate act of sabotage” by the Russians. The Kremlin, however, has strongly denied its involvement calling the incident an act of state-sponsored “terrorism.” Nord Stream 1 is a critical pipeline for Europe but Russia had already suspended all supplies through it—blaming maintenance issues caused by Western sanctions against Russia. Nord Stream 2 has never been operational as its approval was halted by Germany in February as Russia mobilized its troops along the Ukraine border.


Despite denying its involvement, Russian state-controlled TV has tried to fan the conspiracy theory that the Biden administration is behind the purported sabotage. The same conspiracy theory has also widely circulated among right-wing U.S. commentators including Fox News host Tucker Carlson, who claimed on his show that Russia would in no way benefit from such sabotage. Carlson, whose primetime segment was repeatedly shown on Russian television last week, insinuated without evidence the Biden administration may have been behind the destruction of the pipeline adding that “it would be totally consistent with what they do.” Since then other prominent right-wing commentators like Dan Bongino and Charlie Kirk have boosted the same conspiracy theory.

Further Reading

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