Stranger Things’ Joseph Quinn And Noah Schnapp Inspire Bizarre Celebrity Drama With Doja Cat

I’m always on the hunt for Stranger Things news in the wake of season 4 ending, but while I’m usually looking for clues about season 5 or fun interviews with the cast, there is currently one thing that the internet will not shut up about.

It’s a bizarre story that involves two main cast members and a pop star. The actors in question are Joseph Quinn, who played instant fan-favorite rocker Eddie in season 4, and Noah Schnapp who plays Will. The pop star? Doja Cat, no stranger to drama herself.

Here’s the timeline of events, if you want to catch up on all this nonsense:

May 30 – In the wake of Stranger Things’ season 4 arrival, Doja Cat tweets the following, indicating her attraction for Quinn. I mean, who can blame her.

June 7 – In the wake of the finale, Noah Schnapp posts a now-deleted TikTok that has Doja Cat DMing him actually trying to get Quinn’s info:

“Noah can u tell Joseph to hmu. wait no. does he have a gf?” she said. He doesn’t, and Schnapp tells her to slide into his DMs.

June 8 – Doja Cat goes on Instagram live to lambast Schnapp for sharing their DMs. Among other things, says it’s “snake or weasel” behavior:

Quinn, meanwhile, has said nothing about any of this, which is probably a good call on his end.

Now, this has created a split between fans in different camps where on one side, many support Doja Cat attempting to defend her right to privacy and calling out Schnapp for what he did. On the other hand, others are saying that 26 year old Doja Cat should probably not be shaming 17 year old Schnapp, as that’s kind of a weird look.

Needless to say this does not appear as if it will end with Doja Cat and Joseph Quinn dating, in case that’s anyone’s main concern. It’s a funny bit of celebrity drama I suppose, but it’s consumed most Stranger Things conversation over the last 72 hours or so. If I’m forced to weigh in, no, you probably shouldn’t share potentially embarrassing thirsty DMs of your celebrity friends to your millions of TikTok followers. But also, you probably don’t need to publicly chastise and name-call a 17 year old to your millions of followers either. Joseph Quinn, of course, did nothing wrong except be hot enough to start all this. Like the Helen of Troy of Netflix.

As for Quinn’s future with Stranger Things, he’s said that he would love to return, but if you’ve seen the finale, you’ll know that would have to be as some sort of Billy-esque cameo in season 5. But given how popular he has been, among both pop stars and audiences, I would be surprised if they didn’t get him in there somewhere.

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