Should you invest in The Mars Metaverse Project (MRST) after OKX launch?

Mars Token (MRST), is the native token of The Mars Metaverse Project. As Invezz reported, the coin is set to be listed on the OKX exchange. The timing of the new listing is unfortunate as FTX’s blowup sent shockwaves across the crypto industry while at the same time US stocks are trading heavily in the green.

That said, investors should be reminded that while the latest cryptocurrency news is for a lack of a better word concerning, there are still many opportunities out there. Let’s take a look at the latest project attracting investor attention and help you make informed decision whether to invest in MRST or not.

What is The Mars Metaverse project?

Mars is a metaverse platform developed by Mars Lab. According to the development team, it had allocated a small territory called “Colony.”

Mars Metaverse users can own Colony in the metaverse, granting them the opportunity to build houses or commercial properties in the space. Users can also receive a lease using a blockchain-based Smart Contract. 

Mars Token is the native token of the Mars Metaverse. Users can earn rewards with MRST. The MRST tokens can be earned via a Play-and-Earn (PAE) system.

Furthermore, most of the houses and commercial buildings in the Colony can be purchased with MRST and are tradable between users. Another utility of the MRST taken is that users can host events on their properties and earn additional income, which will be paid with MRST. 

In the future, Mars Metaverse intends to permit third-party or indie game developers to develop and release games using the “The Mars Game Creator” software. These games will also use the MRST token as the reward token for game players. 

All that said, Mars Metaverse offers something exciting and an encouraging growth outlook.

Should you invest in the MRST token?

Metaverse projects have been some of the biggest performers in the cryptocurrency market in recent years.

According to Macro (reported by Bloomberg), a research firm based in the U.K., metaverse coins saw gains that surpassed Bitcoin — with a whopping 37,000% increase — in 2021.

The market has seen an increasing number of metaverse projects come up as experts believe the metaverse will play a crucial role in the web3 ecosystem.

Granted, Mars Metaverse is still in its early days but it is new, fresh, and exciting.

However, perhaps an overlooked factor to consider when deciding whether to invest in Mars token or not is its liquidity. By listing MRST token on the OKX cryptocurrency exchange, a highly reputable platform, liquidity might not be an issue. OKX is the 10th-largest crypto exchange and processes nearly $3 billion in daily trading volume. 

This certainly gives Mars Metaverse a leg-up over some of the competitors in the space who can’t offer similar liquidity. The ability to easily enter and exit a position is a factor that is often overlooked.

Conclusion: a strong industry to be in

A May 2022 report by LogisticsIQ estimates the metaverse industry will be worth $224 billion by 2030, up from $32 billion in 2021 with gaming playing a key part of the industry’s expansion.

Granted, these numbers might need to be refreshed, but even if the 2030 figures are slashed in half, this means the metaverse will still grow more than three-fold through the end of the decade. I struggle to find other industries that offer similar growth rates.

Exposure to The Mars Metaverse Project as part of a diversified portfolio of similar metaverse projects isn’t the worst of ideas for long-term investors in this environment.