‘She-Hulk’ Is Shaping Up To Be A Megahit Among Disney Plus MCU Series

I have an increasingly good feeling about She-Hulk, the upcoming Disney Plus MCU series that is debuting this week, the end of a short MCU break since Ms. Marvel wrapped in mid-July.

Early full reviews are not yet in, at least not scored ones, so there are no “scores” to consult. And yet everything I’m seeing regarding the buzz surrounding She-Hulk makes it seem like it’s going to be a megahit, even among the slate of hits we have pulled out of the Disney Plus MCU pool over the past year.

Why? What’s noticeable this time? A few things.

  • It’s Tuesday, two full days before the show, and #SheHulk is trending on Twitter with 43,000 tweets and climbing. Most shows would be lucky to have that kind of chatter surrounding it even after they aired, but this indicates to me that there’s a huge amount of demand from the series in a way I simply have not seen with other ones.
  • Early reviews from those who have seen the first four episodes are positive. Almost universally. Again, these are not scored, full reviews, but it’s a sign that this is a quality MCU production and not one that’s phoning it in at the end of phase 4 here.
  • Everybody loves Tatiana Maslany. Seriously, I dare you to find me a single person that does not love Tatiana Maslany. Endless fan devotion to the actress began back when she was juggling an insane amount of roles in Orphan Black, and everyone deemed her vastly underappreciated for the acting challenge (she did eventually win an Emmy for it). Now, having her in the MCU in a role like this seems to be the best star/concept pairing in the MCU since well uh, Iman Vellani as Ms. Marvel. But still, the show could not ask for a better, more beloved lead.

  • Daredevil is returning officially within She-Hulk. I know a certain segment of MCU fandom is watching mainly to see how that unfolds, as Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock has become something of an MCU legend since his Netflix series was killed in its prime. Even if it’s confirmed he’s getting his own reprised series in Phase 5, everyone is extremely excited to see him here.
  • Finally, Marvel seems like it is treating She-Hulk like an actual TV show. This may be a bit obvious, but it hasn’t been for Marvel, who keeps making these six episode series that feel like overly long movies cut into bits. She-Hulk season 1 is nine episodes in total, 30 minutes or so each, and it seems like a show that is not trying to set something else up (World War Hulk!) but instead just be that, an actual TV show that runs for multiple seasons, which almost none of the MCU’s other series have done so far.

All of this feels like it’s going to come together for something pretty fantastic. I cannot wait to see how Maslany takes on the role this Thursday, and the following eight Thursdays to come.

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