Seven Deadly Sins, a Fantasy Game on This Month

Orbitau: Seven Deadly Sins, a well-known fantasy game based on the Seven Deadly Sins and Norse mythology, provides a worthwhile playing experience to players. Players take part in the Demon — God struggle in Orbitau, a mysterious world of mingled reality and fantasy, using turn-based strategy games and traditional RPG.

Players will assume the positions of numerous heroes. Players can also collaborate on cooperative objectives, form guilds, and fight one another. Players can engage in conflict with other players from all over the world using the national war PVP function. It also allows players to form clans in order to scale up PVP combat, which will go on till a winner is determined.

Orbitau features intriguing stories, wonderful music, and images, added with a large NFT library supported by a larger ecosystem. Players can also have a unique experience with pre-metaverse game encounters. In addition, the game’s items and money may be used to partake in DeFi or as a virtual repository for reliable resources. The game’s engagement will reach new heights once the upcoming monetization system gets integrated with the Orbitau ecosystem.

The governance token is Taureum ($TAUM). The token can be used to buy goods and services all around the network, including on the Orbitau NFT marketplace. Players who hold $TAUM can vote on proposals involving Taureum.

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