Security Incident at SBF’s House: Car Rammed into Barricades

  • A black car carrying three men rammed into barricades in front of SBF’s parent’s home in California. 
  • Upon confrontation, the attacker said, “You won’t be able to keep us out.”
  • The identity of the attackers or the car used is now unknown.

Former crypto white knight and ex-CEO of now bankrupt crypto exchange FTX is under house arrest at his parent’s home in California on a $250 million bond. Recently his lawyers have reported a “security incident” at his place. 

The lawyers wrote that :“Recently, the Bankman-Fried had a security incident at their home when a black car drove into the metal barricade set up outside their home. Three men got out of the car. When the security guard on duty confronted them, the men said something to the effect of: “You won’t be able to keep us out.” The men got back in the car and quickly drove away before the security guard could see the license plate.”

Sam Bankman-Fried is believed to be the main suspect in the biggest multi-billion dollar fraud in recent crypto history. The incident affected many people who were angry over their losses. This could be an attempt to settle the scores before the court does its job. 

Accused in such high-profile cases are generally placed under protection at government facilities like prisons. Still, as he is out on a bond and living with his parents, adequate security measures may or may not be in place. 

With the web of the FTX saga spreading across politics, banks, and other important aspects, powerful people with the fear of being involved could have carried out this act. At this time, it’s just speculation, and nothing concrete can be said for sure. 

SBF’s attorneys have requested the judge keep the names of two people who co-signed this $250 million bond secret, arguing the threats their families could receive. In a letter to judge Lewis Kaplan, dozens of media outlets have requested to make the names public. Bankman must wear an electronic monitoring bracelet while under house arrest at his parent’s home in Palo Alto, California. 

As expected, Sam Bankman-Fried has pleaded “not guilty” to all eight charges of wire fraud and conspiracy. At the same time, Alameda’s Caroline Ellison, along with co-founder and ex-CTO of FTX Gary Wang, have pleaded “guilty” to all the charges and supposedly are working as witnesses against SBF. 

The hearing is supposed to begin in October 2023, when the trial will begin, and supposedly there will be an end to all this problem. These seven months can be utilized to gather as much evidence as possible. 

Prosecutors have recently launched a website where FTX’s victims can report their testimonies and contact the officials regarding the case. With the huge scale of the incident, it is impossible to personally contact each victim for testimony; moreover, the prosecutors are not allowed by the court to contact them individually. 

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