Second Woman Accuses Herschel Walker Of Paying For An Abortion


A woman who said she was Herschel Walker’s ex-girlfriend alleged Wednesday the Georgia Republican Senate candidate drove her to an abortion clinic and paid for the procedure in 1992, although she did not go through with it—the second woman to accuse the anti-abortion Senate hopeful of paying for an abortion, an accusation Walker has previously denied.

Key Facts

Attorney Gloria Allred, representing the woman identified as Jane Doe, said in a press conference streamed on Facebook that Walker gave her client an unspecified sum of cash to pay for an abortion, although she refused to go through with the procedure when she arrived at the clinic in Dallas, Texas.

The woman had a “romantic” and “intimate” relationship with Walker, Allred said in a statement on Facebook, adding in the press conference that the woman and Walker were dating while Walker was married to his ex-wife, Cindy Grossman.

Doe accused Walker—who has previously stated he supports banning abortion without any exceptions—of “pressuring” her into having an abortion, saying she felt “devastated” and “traumatized” when he drove her to an abortion clinic.

It comes three weeks after another of Walker’s ex-girlfriends told the Daily Beast he paid her $700 to have an abortion in 2009, allegedly telling her it wasn’t the “right time” to have a child—Walker denied the report, calling it a “hatchet job,” although the woman doubled down on her allegation, telling the New York Times he pleaded with her to have a second abortion in 2011, which she said she refused.

Walker’s campaign did not respond to an inquiry from Forbes.

Crucial Quote

“I do not believe Herschel is morally fit to be a U.S. senator,” said Doe, who said she is a registered Independent who voted twice for former President Donald Trump. She said she was motivated to come forward after the first abortion accusations.

Key Background

Walker, a former NFL running back and Heisman Trophy winner at the University of Georgia, has denied ever paying for an abortion. He’s drawn scrutiny in the past, including for allegations of domestic violence, threatening women and threatening the police. He has apologized in general terms for his previous actions and placed the blame on his mental health. He told Axios last December he’s “better now than 99% of Americans,” adding in a recent campaign ad he’s “overcome it.” In August, an anonymous woman claimed he threatened to kill her in 2012 after she tried to end their relationship, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported. The Associated Press reported in February he talked about “having a shootout” with police in 2001 after acting volatile and frightening his ex-wife. Earlier this month, one of his children, conservative TikTok star Christian Walker, accused him of committing “atrocities” against his mom, and being an absent father to his four children, in a scathing video posted on Twitter. Walker, who has repeatedly criticized absent fathers—especially in Black households—replied, “I LOVE my son no matter what.”


Walker has also come under fire for false claims he worked in law enforcement. In a debate two weeks ago against Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock, Walker briefly displayed a “prop” police badge, saying he’s “never pretended” to be an officer. Although Walker attended an FBI training event in 1989 in Quantico, Virginia, there is no record of him ever working in the agency or another police department, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

What To Watch For

Walker trails Warnock by less than three points (47.6% to 44.9%), with just two weeks remaining before the November 8 election, according to FiveThirtyEight’s weighted polling average. Although a previous poll earlier this month pegged Walker down 12 points, an Emerson College poll released two weeks ago found the candidates within two points of each other, with Warnock narrowly ahead 48% to 46%.

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