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RACA, responsible for the development of the USM metaverse and the play-to-earn game Metamon World, has announced a series of updates to its products. In the case of USM, the update (0.9.0 Patch) was posted on the official RACA Discord channel and includes a new staking system and a new building system for USM Landowners.

Check out the main changes:

  1. New building system: Players can build on USM land. 
  2. New staking system: Players can stake in-game assets for rewards. 
  3. Furniture exchange now online: Players can combine their furniture fragments for furniture.

Features undergoing testing:

1. Land staking test – One piece of land can be staked for one day, receiving 10 Furniture Fragments as rewards, for a maximum quota of 2,000 lands.

2. Furniture exchange test –  Items can be traded for non-tradable in-game props usable on an owner’s land. They will be exchanged at a low cost for the convenience of testing. A total of five building types and 20 furniture types are exchangeable for this patch.

3. Building system test –  a) Enter the Account portal, deposit your land into USM, and select the land in the backpack for teleportation. b) Press G and start builder mode, select your furniture, place them at the selected location, and save. c) For functional items like Holographic Display, click F to interact and set display.

Upcoming teasers: 

  1. Greater functionality for furniture and buildings 
  2. UI optimization 
  3. Special celebrity concerts

Metamon World

Since the beginning of May, RACA has also been announcing a series of news and updates for its play-to-earn game Metamon World, which, according to data released by RACA, already has a trading volume of more than $40 million in its in-game marketplace. In total, there have been more than 4 million transactions.

All Metamon transactions also helped the RACA marketplace to be among the top 10 marketplaces built on BNBChain in the last 30 days, according to data from DappRadar. It also placed the RACA marketplace in first place among all marketplaces built on BNBChain in trading volume over the last 24 hours. According to data from the Dapps monitoring website, RACA’s marketplace handled more than $447,000 with an increase of more than 10% in the number of users.

radio caca raca

Updates for the play-to-earn game Metamon were announced in the official Discord channel (Patch 4.1.21):

  1. Added utility for Spaceship and Rocket NFTs: owners can claim tickets in the Space City.
  2. Spaceship and Rocket can be traded on the in-game market


1) Spaceship owners can claim 3 space tickets every day (reset at 0:00 UTC);

2) Rocket owners can claim 3 space tickets every week (reset on Monday at 0:00 UTC);

3) You need to pay 1000 u-RACA per space ticket when you claim them.


If you buy a spaceship or rocket NFT, you will be unable to claim space tickets until the next reset.

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