Pi Network Hits 3M Followers Milestone on X, Surpassing Solana, Cardano, and Others

Pi Network Hits 3M Followers Milestone on X, Surpassing Solana, Cardano, and Others

Key takeaways:

  • Pi Network has surpassed 3 million X followers, outpacing major cryptos like Solana, Cardano, and Avalanche. It is on pace to potentially overtake Ethereum’s 3.2 million followers.
  • Pi is launching its open mainnet soon, allowing pioneers to participate in block production and validation.
  • Pi is also currently hosting a Commerce Hackathon, challenging developers to build an app for finding local merchants accepting Pi.
  • With the Pi Commerce Hackathon deadline approaching on March 3rd, our algorithm predicts the price of Pi’s token PI will surge over 16% to around $37.53 by March 13th.

Pi Network has just crossed a major social media milestone, surpassing over 3 million followers on X, cementing its reputation as one of the fastest growing and most promising initiatives in the blockchain space today.

With 3 million followers, the network has streaked past several established cryptocurrencies like Solana, Cardano, Avalanche and Tron which have yet to reach this social media dominance.

Pi’s Ability to Gain Traction

Pi Network’s ability to gain such a substantial social media following so swiftly underscores its widespread appeal among crypto enthusiasts. While most crypto projects struggle with barriers to entry like technical complexity or cost, Pi Network’s ease of use through mobile mining has made it accessible for regular people globally.

Within just 3 years of launch, Pi has outpaced industry mainstays in community growth through its viral, grassroots approach. Its focus on inclusivity, transparency and usability has struck a chord both with seasoned crypto veterans and newcomers looking to participate in the Web3 economy.

In fact, with over 3 million X followers and counting, Pi Network is on the cusp of surpassing Ethereum itself which currently sits at around 3.2 million followers. This possibility would have seemed unthinkable years ago but is now within reach, signaling how the upstart Pi Network could reshape the crypto landscape.

Major Announcements Since its Launch

In addition to its social media growth, Pi Network has recently marked other significant milestones in its roadmap that bring its goal of becoming a widely used cryptocurrency closer to reality.

Open Mainnet Launch

After years of anticipation, Pi Network took a huge leap forward by unveiling its open mainnet beta which is expected to launch this year. This activation opened up Pi’s blockchain to the public internet for the first time, as users can now run full nodes on the mainnet to help secure the network and earn Pi token rewards.

The open mainnet beta marks Pi’s progression from an internal test environment to a live decentralized blockchain, paving the way for the full mainnet launch in future which will enable free trading of Pi coins.

Pi Commerce Hackathon

In an effort to further drive adoption of Pi payments, Pi Network recently announced a “Pi Commerce Hackathon” challenging its community to develop a full-fledged app for finding local merchants accepting Pi based on a provided prototype.

The hackathon is currently ongoing with the aim to create a polished, user-friendly application allowing pioneers to easily locate and make purchases at nearby stores accepting Pi currency. With clear guidelines and prototype in place, Pi developers now have an exciting opportunity to meaningfully boost real-world use cases for Pi coins.

Pi Browser

Pi Network also launched its own privacy-focused mobile browser as well in 2021, engineered uniquely for the needs of Pi users. The Pi Browser seamlessly integrates tools like a built-in wallet, chat features, news and additional functionality to streamline the experience.

This demonstrates the project’s commitment to crafting an entire decentralized ecosystem tailored for its users, not just a crypto token. The Pi Browser also encourages platform stickiness while advancing adoption.

Algorithm predicts +16.27% Bullish Price Outlook for Pi Leading into Hackathon Deadline

With the submission deadline for Pi Network’s Pi Commerce Hackathon set for March 3rd, 2024, our algorithm predicts a bullish price outlook for Pi’s native token PI leading up to the event.

Currently trading at $32.26, the price of PI is forecasted to surge 16.27% to around $37.53 by March 13th, just days after the commerce app challenge is concluded.

Bottom Line

With these major developments all within the past year, Pi Network continues to push the boundaries of what a crypto startup can achieve.

Despite its phenomenal traction already, the network gives no indication of slowing down its growth anytime soon. The network stands poised to reach new heights and hit additional milestones in the coming months. For those seeking the next rising giant in the blockchain space, Pi Network shines as an obvious contender.

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