Ozzy Osbourne Might Not Be Done With Touring

Despite Ozzy Osbourne having recently suggested that his touring days are coming to an end, it seems the prince of darkness has actually left the possibility of touring up in the air. In an interview with SiriusXM’s Billy Morrison, Osbourne offered some comments regarding his health and the prospects of touring in the future.

“So, if I can ever get back to where I can tour again, fine. But right now, if you said to me, ‘can you go on the road in a month?’ I couldn’t say yes. I mean, if I could tour I’d tour. But right now I can’t book tours because right now, I don’t think I could pull them off,” Osbourne later mentioned, “If the doctor said to me today, ‘oh, you can tour.’ It would take another six months to get it together, you know? The only thing I’ve got that keeps me going is making records. But I can’t do that forever. I gotta get out there.”

It certainly is transparent just how much touring and live performance are a part of Osbourne’s identity, beyond from writing music. And it can’t be stressed enough the extent to which Osbourne influenced live rock performance and touring, from pioneering the outrageous rockstar persona to elevating the live production of heavy metal concerts. His legacy will continue to exist within rock and metal music regardless of whether he’s able to continue touring in the future.

That being said, I’d wager the likelihood of Osbourne doing another full continental tour is rather low. While live performing again might not be entirely out of the question, it’s hard to imagine Osbourne touring anywhere close to the extent that he had been prior to suggesting his touring days were over. And that’s not to say fans don’t want Osbourne to continue touring, rather, they want his health is in the right place first, which is exactly the context for Osbourne’s initial statement.

However, even without touring Osbourne has seen tremendous success after his multiple grammy wins and nominations this year. His passion for songwriting has clearly not gone away, and provided his last solo album’s accolades and praise there’s no doubt he’ll remain active in the music industry for a while longer.

Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/quentinsinger/2023/02/28/ozzy-osbourne-might-not-be-done-with-touring/