NOT, BEER, and ETFSwap Promise Similar Returns

Erik Finman, a teenager, was reported to profit from a 2000x rally. He made $12 million in unrealized profits from early investments into the Ethereum (ETH) presale at $0.31 in 2015. History is about to repeat itself. Top analysts identify Notcoin (NOT), Beercoin (BEER), and ETFSwap (ETFS) as three bullish cryptos with high ROI potential, like Ethereum.

ETFSwap (ETFS) Seems Set to Repeat History with 3,000x ROI to Early Investors 

The biggest Ethereum token ICO presale is taking center stage. Many investors, including smart money and institutional players, place big bets on ETFSwap (ETFS) to rally exponentially and create millionaires. Becoming a millionaire with ETFS will surely be a dream come true. Top market experts are projecting a 3000x bullish rally on the ETFS token. It may surpass Notcoin and Beercoin cryptos upon launch and listing on major crypto exchanges. 

ETFSwap is a dark horse in the crypto industry and ETF economy. It brings along dynamic and state-of-the-art DeFi utilities that are second to none in the global decentralized market. It goes big on innovation by integrating a world-class trading platform featuring many renowned cryptocurrencies and tokenized ETF investments. 

On the ETFSwap DeFi platform, smart traders and investors have 24/7 access to trade and invest in tokenized ETFs. They can access leveraged, fixed-income, commodity, and market ETFS. These tokenized ETFs cover top sectors, including technology, agriculture, energy, and healthcare. Smart traders and investors can leverage these highly profitable ETFs by swapping the ETFS token for the desired investment choice. 

ETFSwap provides 50x leverage to scale profit returns on all ETF investments up to 35,000%. It ensures the profitability of smart investors’ trades and investments. Also, trading fees on ETFSwap are significantly lower than those of competitor platforms.

Passive Income Opportunity 

The DeFi platform also presents wealth-building opportunities through its asset-staking feature. It enables the platform’s liquidity providers to earn passive income and rewards up to 87% in staking yield. Its tokenization feature allows intelligent traders and investors to leverage a $10 trillion traditional ETF market when they tokenize their real-world assets (RWA) for trading on-chain. Investors are also guaranteed instant settlements on tokenized funds upon request anytime, any day.

ETFSwap promotes a highly private and transparent DeFi environment. Thus, it allows traders and investors to trade anonymously without going through rigorous registrations and KYC onboarding processes. It is also highly secure, having undergone a series of smart contract audits by CyberScope, a top global security firm.

Market Experts Believe Notcoin (NOT) is a Promising Altcoin 

Notcoin has received a warm welcome from the crypto community as news of its recent token launch made the rounds in the crypto industry. The Notcoin investor community is reported to expand as users leverage its play-to-earn game on the Telegram social platform to earn token rewards. 

Top market experts have projected Notcoin (NOT) as a promising altcoin to rally behind ETFSwap (ETFS) in creating crypto millionaires in the forthcoming bull run. At press time, Notcoin trades at $0.02, according to CoinMarketCap data.

Beercoin (BEER) Among Altcoins to Rally

Beercoin, recently launched into the crypto markets, is a Solana (SOL) meme coin making the rounds in the crypto industry. Beercoin’s highly successful token presale, which raised 30,000 SOL valued at over $5 million, is seen to put it in front of the headlines, with investors peering into its investment return potential. Top crypto analysts have identified Beercoin among altcoins, including ETFSwap (ETFS), to rally massively in the coming months.

At press time, Beercoin trades at $0.0005255, according to CoinMarketCap trading data.

Conclusion on ETFSwap as Promising Altcoin to Make Millionaires Alongside Notcoin and Beercoin 

ETFSwap (ETFS) is a promising altcoin gem with a 3000x potential to scale investors’ portfolios more than Notcoin and Beercoin cryptos. The ETFS token, which is expected to launch soon into the crypto markets, will be a generational wealth opportunity, as statistics from top crypto analysts and research experts suggest it will mirror Ethereum’s bullish run, which made many millionaires.

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