Mexico Arrests 5 For Deadly Kidnapping Of 4 Americans

Five people have been arrested in connection with last week’s kidnapping and assault of four Americans that left two dead, a Mexican official announced Friday, a day after members of a Mexican cartel purportedly penned an apology for the attack.

Irving Barrios, the attorney general for Tamaulipas—the state where Matamoros, the city where the attack happened—said the five individuals arrested were charged with aggravated kidnapping and intentional simple homicide.

Barrios also said another individual was arrested in recent days, though it’s unclear if the attorney general is referring to the arrest officials made Tuesday of Jose “N,” a 24-year-old who was watching the American victims when officials found them.

Five vehicles, including a Lamborghini, that Barrios said were stolen from the U.S., were found in Matamoros as part of the investigation into the events of March 3.

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