Merit Circle and Cantina Royale to Reshape the Destiny of Web3 Gaming

On the spacecraft to Cantina Royale, The Merit Circle DAO will be traveling with Cantina! They aim to introduce Web3 videogames and the P2E prototype to a wider audience. With Merit Circle, they are prepared to take a significant step forward in merging Web3 new tech with conventional video games.

Around each other, they are creating a sizable community that provides a wide variety of games on offer and instructional materials to help players start their Web3 voyage.

The goal of Cantina Royale is to make GameFi and P2E gaming popular. Due to the Open aspect of Merit Circle and the fact that no additional work is required to create a digital wallet, gamers from all over the globe can conveniently and quickly try the play out.

Cantina Royale seems to have no entry requirements, unlike other web3 games that demand wallet creation and time-consuming, expensive power payments. To get started, any gamer from the conventional or Web3 world only must install the game to their desktop or smartphone device.

The P2E mechanism in Cantina Royale not only enables users and NFT holders to make a consistent cryptocurrency income, but it also makes the game enjoyable. Their most recent gameplay video clip is available on YouTube. This emphasis on enjoyment will attract more players to GameFi and crypto games!

Cantina Royale was built specifically on Verko for smooth mobile operating system connectivity in recognition that roughly 2.1 million mobile video game players are not currently accessible to blockchain video games due to google play store constraints. Cantina Royale might very well soon be concurrently launched on iOS, Android, as well as the web.

In Q3 2022, the NFT Lending Framework and NFT industry will be prepared. This makes it possible for their NFT holders to earn silent loaning income while also playing the game without encountering any difficulties.

The groups of Merit Circle and Cantina Royale will shortly have the chance to interact and enjoy an exhilarating game with a shared goal of developing P2E and NFT video games. They will transform blockchain gameplay in the coming years when they work together.

To the residents of Merit Circle and Cantina Royale, they have made additional thrilling declarations and occurrences regarding the collaboration. When the actual game launch is scheduled for Q3 2022, their team cannot sit tight to welcome Merit Circle representatives into the Cantina Royale universe and attract more participants to Web3!

Users will be given regular news about new features, significant achievements, scholarship programs, collaboration activities, and market opportunities for the communities concerned.

About Cantina Royale

Cantina Royale is a blockchain game set in the galaxy of interstellar conflict in which gamers can start competing with their opponents in Battle Royale or earn P2E income by ransacking and pillaging riches in the Raid Dungeon. Another novel idea is to prove the startup method at Cantina Royale using beloved NFT compilations like Bored Apes Yacht Club NFTs.

Using the Verko technology, a Layer 2 protocol based on Elrond, Cantina Royale also incorporates unique features.