Match-Trader White Label by B2Broker Gives Brokers a Comprehensive Online Trading Platform With B2Core Integration

B2Broker, an international provider of liquidity and technology for forex and crypto markets, added Match-Trader white label solution to the list of its offerings.

The new partnership provides B2Broker’s clients with a fully integrated system that includes competitive rates and a pre-integrated B2Core platform.

Additionally, this follows the company’s earlier incorporation of cTrader in 2022. As a result, B2Broker is able to offer their customers a flexible solution that addresses all aspects of their business.

Match-Trader white-label solution

B2Broker’s white-label Match-Trader product offers brokers a fully featured Match-Trader solution at an affordable price. It includes B2BinPay (cryptocurrency payment processing) and B2Core (CRM system) tools, as well as access to the PoP (Prime of Prime) liquidity pool from B2Broker’s impressive portfolio.

Offering such unparalleled features in one package, the new Match-Trader white label allows brokers to maximize profit and reach their full market potential.

The Match-Trader white label gives brokers an easy way to manage brokerage operations. Not only do you get 24/7 server support and personalized account management to answer all of your inquiries about the service – but B2Broker also offers an extensive training program that ensures everyone on board is confident with using its software.

Match-Trader White Label is an efficient choice for businesses looking for competitive trading commissions and low volume costs.

Furthermore, no setup fee is required – all that is necessary to get started is a three-month minimum liquidity charge. Aside from that, clients receive one full month free of monthly liquidity and connection costs following setup.

Match-Trader x B2Core integration

B2Broker offers a Match-Trader white label option with the integration of B2Core, making it possible for brokers to provide their customers the same outstanding experience as with other B2Core-connected trading solutions.

Through this connection, users will have access to trading accounts in the trader’s room as well as a direct link to the platform.

Creating a margin trading account with Match-Trader through B2Core is a simple process. Begin by setting up a user account that will serve as the bridge between all of your accounts. Once your user account is ready, connect it to your margin trading account via Match-Trader.

The B2Core platforms tab now also has a fantastic addition to its sections – Match-Trader. This section allows users to create demo accounts and test out their trading skills in real-time.

In addition, deposits, withdrawals, transfers and internal transfers can all be handled within the platform itself. You can even download the Match-Trader terminal directly from the website.

Final thoughts

B2Broker’s integration with Match-Trader provides an exceptional opportunity for brokers to offer their customers a comprehensive online trading platform. With its powerful features and capabilities, this package offers an optimal solution for businesses hoping to leverage the advantages of modern technology.

Match-Trader is also about to be integrated into the IB program. With this, B2Broker will be able to offer clients intuitive and reliable performance through professional-level Match-Trader-powered tools, which are suitable for any size or complexity of the business.

This will ensure that traders will have access to the options they need in order to meet their trading demands.

Moreover, Match-Trader is set to be fully integrated with B2Core Mobile, allowing brokers to give their customers access to all the best features within one single app. Keep your eyes peeled – these exciting products are coming soon.

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