MasterCard reveals artists for Web3 accelerator on Polygon

MasterCard recently named the inaugural artists partaking in Polygon’s Artist Accelerator program. 

The announced inaugural artists are Manu Manzo from Venezuela and Young Athena. The remaining three artists are to be announced before the MasterCard Music Pass is released. Polygon aims to find five promising artists with the program, offering them access to tools that can pave their future. 

The Web3 program gives the artists the information, tools, and connections they need to build their careers in the virtual music circuit. This will empower the artists to transition to Web3 from Web2. The news also gave Covo Finance a sudden boost. The liquidity pool and decentralized exchange developed on Polygon surged by 235% after the news.

The platform allowed users to access trading up to 50 times. It’s designed to mitigate the risks related to leveraged trading. COVOLP, the innovative liquidity pool by Covo Finance, also gained an advantage from this move.

COVOLP makes it easy for users to trade crypto directly from their wallets without using custodial services. The liquidity pool has gained a 235% boost in its TVL (Total Value Locked) in the past week. This surge is among the greatest boosts any DeFi ecosystem has gained.

With the boost, it has become evident that users are indicating demand for and interest in COVOLP. Ever since Covo Finance’s integration with Polygon, it has become a popular choice among investors and traders. Its recent growth has opened up opportunities for Polygon’s potential.

Their future looks bright as the liquidity pool is aptly positioned to leverage the growing DeFi interest. As for the Web3 program, Polygon has started a unique curriculum that teaches fans and artists to develop their brands.

It has been developed to assist artists in gaining access to the necessary resources and tools to succeed in the music industry. Users can attend mentor sessions and educational resources through the program to learn more about Web3 tools.