majestic Unreal Engine 5 application by Ewha University’s 5th-grade arch. Students

Architecture students from Ewha University recently built their portfolios using Unreal Engine 5. The effort was a part of a collaborative project between STELSI and the university. The aim is to prepare students to have their offices and construct fabulous architecture in the metaverse.

Web3 is coming up, and metaverse is not far away from being a reality for every developer. Having architects ready who can construct in the digital space is crucial to ensure that users have an immersive experience in the metaverse. The final work was announced last week, showcasing the capability of reconstructing information to rethink exploration.

Fifth-grade architecture students were trained under Professor Hosung Chun’s Emerging Architecture Studio. Students were taught to use Unreal Engine 5 to construct their projects specifically for commercial and residential spaces in STELSI’s first project.

Virtual space could soon see more students coming up with their portfolios. Considering this is merely the beginning of a segment that is entirely new to the world, it is only obvious to assume that developers and users will look for diversity in the offering of architecture. That is precisely where students, or even professionals, will come into the picture.

Students were able to summarize their portfolio built over 5 years and learn how to design with the engine, which will be dedicated to the projects of the STELSI metaverse platform.

Professor Chun has said that the aim is to create space for students and gain the new title of being an architect in the metaverse. Collaborating with STELSI has truly opened up a new opportunity for the university and its students for a wider range of projects. Another advantage is that the portfolio of students now reaches a larger audience.

STELSI believes in pursuing a new lifestyle platform to soundly develop the decentralized ecosystem. The objective is to allow participants to freely share their designs and get recognized by the public.

Season House is one of the units to make an appearance in the project. It looks to satisfy users who wish to have a home for every season – winter, summer, and autumn. The Seasonal House helps users to experience the beauty of every season in the metaverse. The next project is on the commercial side, titled Meta Meow Office.

The furniture in the project is a miniature of a building. The concept adopted was to construct a space where humans and cats exist together with a human butler. It has been described as a project which has a gate that leads to unexpected experiences.

The ground floor features several pieces of furniture resembling cates. A floor below that gives an insight into a furniture exhibition hall where furniture for cats and humans is available. The colors used throughout the project are blue, green, and yellow.

Reviewing the portfolio gives a sure shot that many more are on their way. As metaverse gains traction in the mainstream space, more students will likely take up the course for an additional title of metaverse architect.