LootMogul aligns with Aftermath Islands to bring realistic sports-based games and experiences to players around the world

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The partnership highlights seamless cross-chain compatibility and immersive sports-based experiences irrespective of chain or platform to Aftermath Islands’ virtual worlds

LootMogul, a new sports-focused Metaverse project, has recently joined hands with Aftermath Islands Metaverse, a realistic open-world islands-based virtual world, to bring a series of new sports-based games, experiences, competitions, and NFTs to Aftermath Islands’ virtual worlds. Designed as a multi-chain collaboration, this new Metaverse partnership will allow users to navigate from different chains and across different Metaverses while bringing and building their digital assets with them.

According to the Aftermath Islands team, a Metaverse inventory system will be used to check NFTs as proof of ownership of different items in a user’s wallet. By allowing approved items to be used in a given Metaverse, an interoperability system based on NFT ownership can be created – one that works across different chains irrespective of the underlying protocol.

This initiative will help to onboard a wide range of sports organizations, athletes, and fans to new sports-based virtual experiences built on Web3. Some of the sports that will be initially launched include basketball, soccer, football, hockey, and cricket, with the additions of beach volleyball, tennis, and golf currently under review.

As part of the partnership, Loot Mogul and Aftermath Islands Metaverse also plan to create a virtual island dedicated to sports gaming. LootMogul players will be able to purchase virtual land in the Aftermath Islands Metaverse as per the project’s roadmap, and leagues and athletes will also be able to create their own islands in the Aftermath Islands Metaverse with assistance from LootMogul via a broker for specific leagues and athletes.

At present, there are over 180 celebrities, athletes, and sports leagues working with LootMogul, including the NBA, Lisa Leslie, Michael Cooper, Carlos Boozer, Mario Chalmers, Rick Barry, Norris Cole, Corsley Edwards, and many more. The partnership also focuses on women empowerment in sports such as basketball, football, soccer, ice hockey, baseball, MMA, lacrosse, and cricket, to name a few.

Fans and players will also be able to create custom Avatars for celebrities, which will bring players, brands, clubs, and sports leagues closer together in a wide range of fun and exciting activities in the Aftermath Islands Metaverse. The LootMogul and Aftermath Islands teams say that immersive sports fan experiences will be created via 3D modeling as well as Metaverse-specific devices such as the Oculus, HoloLens, and PlayStation, and through interactive engagement between fans and athletes. Examples of these experiences include the LootMogul DUNK contest, trivia games, and other sporting competitions.

According to LootMogul CEO Raj Rajkotia, this partnership will help members of the global sports community scale their identities across different chains, and it will help drive the adoption and growth of leagues and fan bases by allowing users to create and customize safe and secure digital versions of their Avatars and then combine them with real-world benefits such as access to online and in-person events, competitions, and prize pools.

David Lucatch, the Managing Director of Aftermath Islands Metaverse Limited, said “Today, more than ever, it is critical for brands and personalities to stake their value in blockchain and Metaverse activities as they become the next level of consumer engagement.”

Built on Unreal Engine 5, Aftermath Islands Metaverse brings fast, smooth, and realistic virtual environments to players around the world, as well as realistic avatars that can be imprinted with the features of the user and opportunities to build, customize, and trade a wide range of digital assets, NFTs, and other collectibles, all of which can be used within Aftermath Islands and across all compatible virtual worlds. You can find out about Aftermath Islands’ virtual worlds here and watch the project’s recently released sizzle reel.


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