Limitless Introduces “Metaverse As A Service,” Prepares $60 Million Venture Fund

  • Next Earth metaverse platform has made a replica of earth with around 5 Trillion tiles and minted NFTs to allow users to acquire digital land.
  • The project also initiated a business to provide ‘metaverse as a service’ and released a $60 Million venture fund to develop a digital world.
  • Since its release back in July 2021, Next Earth stated that it has lured over 230,000 listed users, 45,000 landowners and more than $10 million in revenue.

“Limitless” Venture Fund

Limitless, the organization behind Next Earth metaverse is making strategies for building an ecosystem. The project has initiated a formal business to provide metaverse as a service and released a $60 Million venture fund to develop a virtual realm.

Since its release during previous July, Next Earth stated that it has lured over 230,000 registered users, 45,000 landowners and more than $10 Million in revenue.

In contrast, Animoca Brands owned metaverse platform, The Sandbox, hit 2 Million registered users previous month. With a latest development push, Next Earth exhibits one of numerous novel approaches to capitalizing on metaverse mania.

Limitless will have couple of arms: Capital, a venture fund strategizing to jack up $60 Million to invest in startups burning with curiosity to join Next Earth. Limitless Network, which will release an API in upcoming months to assist projects join Next Earth

Limitless could also provide its back-end metaverse technology to massive organizations seeking to develop liberal metaverses.

NXTT Crypto

Next Earth launched its own utility token, NXTT, in January, which have a self reported market capitalization of $181 Million. David Taylor, co-CEO of Limitless says that, NFT capital as well as could self fund $60 Million venture capital fund. Taylor acted as the architect of Next Earth.

Next Earth, however, would instead develop its own network via outside investors.

Taylor stated that, if we are to think metaverse as a sector going through its infancy, then we are required to enable network effects via a cluster of investors into the ecosystem.

Limitless is gathering a management team for venture fund with strategies to release the vehicle by September. 

He stated that Limitless is also looking into an idea for a future $20 Million NXTT crypto fund to support organizations that are desiring to step into Next Earth without having their own crypto tokens. The notion is that, organizations may release utilizing the indigenous token and fund may match those earnings.

Taylor stated, we are witnessing market face-off is not among Decentraland or The Sandbox. It is between Web2 and Web3.

Additionally, he stated that, we are concentrating towards interoperability of Web3 metaverses. And onboarding organizations to Next Earth metaverses is the initial step towards it.

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