Kim Kardashian Asks, ‘Who’s Ever Going To Want To Date Me?’

“The Kardashians” returned to Hulu Thursday with the premiere epidsode of Season 3, and the show kicked off with a closer look at Kim Kardashian’s love life—or lack thereof.

Actually, the reality series really kicked off with a somewhat surreal family roller rink scene that involved several pairs of sunglasses and a whole lot of black spandex. But shortly after that context-free intro, the focus turned to Kardashian’s relationship “dramz.”

Filming for Season 3 began after her high-profile romance with actor-comedian Pete Davidson, her first romance since her split from ex-husband Kanye West, came to end, leading the Skims founder to declare, “I’m single and not ready to mingle. And that’s OK.”

She then explained she doesn’t really indulge in “random hookups and relationships” and that she felt a lot of guilt when it came to her time with the former “Saturday Night Live” star, whom she dated for nine months.

“He went through a lot because of that relationship,” she added, referencing harassing behavior he endured from West, who changed his name to Ye in 2021, including a music video that depicted a claymation version of Davidson being kidnapped, bound and buried alive.

It all left her wondering about the future of her love life—and even if there is one.

“I go back and forth with my feelings sometimes,” she noted. “Who’s ever going to want to date me? I have four kids. I’m in my 40s. You know, like, oh my God, who’s going to want to deal with the dramz?”

Probably someone who can somehow see past all that and focus on the rest of her dating-profile fodder, like being a conventionally attractive, fashionable and famous reality TV star, entrepreneur, actress, lawyer-in-training and (checks notes…) billionaire.

While she may be daunted, Kardashian isn’t giving up on the idea of finding Mr. Right one day.

“My person will be like, “F— all of that. Like, It’s going to be hard, but we’re going to do this.’ So I’m just waiting for that person. “

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Until then, she’s happy to be solo.

“I just feel like this is the time where I want to stay single,” the 42-year-old told her momager, Kris Jenner, in another scene. “’Cause I fall quickly, but I don’t want to.”

Jenner, 67, questioned if her thrice-married and thrice-divorced daughter might be someone who just can’t be alone. Kardashian, however, was quick to deny it.

“I want to be as private as I want to be, just live my life and not date,” she shot back.

But after giving it a second’s more thought, she added, “Or date five people, if I want to.”