Kanye West Wants To Meet New In-Laws—But Some In Australia Are Trying To Ban Him Over Antisemitic Rhetoric


Kanye West—also known as “Ye”—is trying to meet his new in-laws, according to the Herald Sun, after TMZ reported he married Bianca Censori, an Australian architect earlier this month, but some local politicians down under are calling for him to banned from the country because of his antisemitic comments.

Key Facts

West reportedly wed Censori earlier this month, and she posted an image on Instagram of what appears to be an engagement and wedding ring on her hand.

Censori, according to her LinkedIn, works as head of architecture at West’s company Yeezy.

Since the rumors began, many Australian politicians and leaders in the Jewish community have called for the government to block West’s entrance given his history of antisemitism.

Peter Dutton, Australia’s Opposition Leader, told Melbourne’s 3AW Radio, West’s behavior his inclination would be not to allow West into the country, saying “if I was that decision maker, I think there are better people that we could welcome in.”

Dvir Abramovich, chairman of the Anti-Defamation Commission, told Australia’s Seven News, that given West’s 30 million followers, allowing him into the country could have “real world consequences,” calling him an “unvarnished antiSemite, Nazi-lover and Hitler worshipper.”.

Key Background

In early October, West began an unflinching, months-long tirade of antisemitic remarks in TV interviews, at his fashion show and on social media. For example, on October 3, West, along with one of his models, wore a “White Lives Matter” shirt at the Yeezy fashion show in Paris. A few days later, West was banned from Instagram—where he had more than 18 million followers—for violating the app’s policies after he posted a conversation that cited tropes about Jewish people. A few days later West, who was also banned from Facebook during this time, was welcomed back to Twitter by Elon Musk. In December, during an Infowars appearance—a broadcast run by conspiracy theorist Alex Jones—West praised Adolf Hitler and said he “likes Nazis.”


West’s antisemitic rhetoric has also cost him financially. After losing the deal West had with Adidas, ending the production of Yeezy, West lost his billionaire status. We had previously estimated West’s Adidas deal at $1.5 billion, without it West is estimated to be worth $400 million.

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