Kanye West Mocks Kim Kardashian’s Split With Pete Davidson With Disturbing Instagram Post

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson’s romance might have fizzled out, but Kanye West is still, seemingly, holding a grudge against the former SNL star.

While the two were dating, the gossip surrounding the high-profile pair was often influenced by the inflammatory Instagram posts of Kanye West, who made several disturbing posts and comments about Davidson, who he mockingly referred to as “Skete,” accusing him of “destroying” his family.

At the peak of West’s obsession with Davidson, West created a stop-motion music video for the song “Eazy,” which depicted West kidnapping and decapitating Davidson, sparking concerns from Kim Kardashian concerning Davidson’s safety, via a private text exchange which West also posted publicly on Instagram.

The public didn’t get to hear what Davidson thought until a bunch of his text messages to West were shared by Davidson’s close friend Dave Sirus (who often posts on behalf of Davidson, due to the comedian’s absence from social media).

In a text message to West, Davidson wrote:

“I have your back even though you treat me like shit because I want everything to be smooth. But if you continue to press me like you have for the past 6 months I’m gonna stop being nice.”

West’s slew of threatening posts eventually led to West’s Instagram account being suspended, for violating the platform’s bullying and harassment policies. Since then, West stopped making posts about Davidson – until now.

3 days after the news broke that Kardashian and Davidson had broken up, West posted a photoshopped NYTimes headline that read: “SKETE DAVIDSON DEAD AT AGE 28.”

A subtle sentence below the photoshopped headline also poked fun at the rapper Kid Cudi, West’s former friend and creative collaborator. The friendship between the two rappers seemingly ended after West cut ties with Cudi, due to the latter’s friendship with Davidson.

While West has since deleted the Instagram post, hopefully the photoshopped headline is the last “joke” he will made at Davidson’s expense (if one can even call a satirical death announcement a joke).

While Kanye West has spent the last few years engulfed in a series of controversies, becoming increasingly outspoken and political, the rapper still has a legion of deeply dedicated fans – Kardashian was right to worry about Davidson’s safety.

Whoever Kim Kardashian’s next boyfriend is, he better have thick skin – and tight security.

Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/danidiplacido/2022/08/08/kanye-west-mocks-kim-kardashians-split-with-pete-davidson-with-disturbing-instagram-post/