John McAfee: did he fake his death?

The computer virus was one of the biggest breakthroughs in the digital world, but antivirus proved to be something of more importance. The credit for developing the first commercial computer antivirus goes to John McAfee, who brought this product to the market in 1987. He founded McAfee Associates to sell antivirus to customers. McAfee prospered due to his product, gathering millions.

Luck didn’t remain in his favor, and he resigned from the company in 1994, selling his shares. He also remained a vocal critic of the company. McAfee earned a lot during the 2008-09 period as he founded various companies and earned from products. Later, he was charged with murder in Belize during his stay and returned to the US in 2013.

He was also charged with tax evasion in Spain and remained in jail. He was to be extradited to the US for criminal charges, but he committed suicide in jail. Now, his ex-girlfriend has claimed that he faked his death and is alive.

Here is a brief overview of the news of John McAfee reportedly being alive and whether there is any truth in this claim.

John McAfee and his death

John McAfee’s death was shocking news as he hanged himself in his prison cell in Spain. His death created controversy even then as some suspected possibility of murder. His wife Janice was the leading name in refuting the claim that John McAfee had committed suicide. She claimed that Mr. McAfee didn’t commit suicide. Instead, his suicide note was a forgery.   

John McAfee was suspected of the death of an American expatriate in Belize. Police came to investigate him, but instead, he preferred to flee the country. It was in 2019 that McAfee announced he was on the run from US authorities, who wanted him on tax evasion charges. Later, he was arrested on 5 October 2020 in Spain when the US Department of Justice sought help from Spanish authorities.

John McAfee was formally indicted on 5 March 2021. Later he was jailed in Spain and awaited extradition to the US. The Spanish National Court authorized his extradition to the US in June 2020. He committed suicide before being extradited, which created controversy.  

The recent revelations

Recently, John McAfee’s Belizean ex-girlfriend Samantha Herrera has revealed shocking news. According to Samantha, McAfee is still alive and has faked his suicide. She claims that John moved to Texas after pretending to be dead. She said in an interview that she received a call a couple of weeks after his alleged death. The person on call claimed to be John, saying he had paid the people in jail and he was safe in Texas. She claims that according to the person on call, only three people in the world know about him being allowed.

He also asked her to run away with him. Herrera started dating him when she turned 18 and fled with him when McAfee was alleged for murder. She also helped him arrange an attorney for the same case. According to Herrera, the government officials are after him because he didn’t pay them, and they could hurt him.

The revelations came from a Netflix documentary, and Herrera didn’t respond when media persons contacted her. There is little possibility of John McAfee being alive as there is little proof. Despite the little possibility, there is still a chance Herrera’s claims are true.


Renowned tech expert and developer of McAfee antivirus, John McAfee, died in 2021, but his ex-girlfriend has claimed that he is alive. According to her claims, she says that he contacted her two weeks after the news of his alleged suicide. He also invited her to run away with him and live in Texas.