‘J-Hope In The Box’ Documents J-Hope’s ‘Jack In The Box’ Musical Journey

It’s hard to imagine BTS member J-Hope being restrained by any kind of box. A remarkable dancer, he radiates energy and is known for his outgoing sunny disposition. The title of the music documentary J-Hope In The Box refers to his 2022 album Jack In The Box, which offered him a chance to strike out—musically—on his own.

In 2022 the internationally popular k-pop band BTS announced that in the near future members would devote more time to individual musical endeavors. J-Hope was the first member to launch a solo project with his album Jack In The Box.

Both the album and the film invoke the story of Pandora’s box, a Greek myth about the very curious Pandora. She couldn’t resist opening a box and accidentally released some of the problems that plague mankind. But all was not lost. Pandora closed the box before hope could escape. In terms of the album and film that hope is J-Hope, who famously likes to introduce himself by saying “You’re my hope. I’m your hope. I’m J-Hope.”

Jack In The Box features lyrics that touch on some of the world’s problems, as well as J-Hope’s own passions and insecurities, mixing genres of hip hop, pop and grunge to create his distinctive songs. J-Hope In The Box details what the creation of Jack In The Box entailed and also shows J-Hope preparing for his solo Lollapalooza concert, which took place in August of 2022.

The documentary invites viewers into the studio as he works on rap and vocal arrangements, playing with and meshing musical genres, trying to find the right words to convey what he wants to say. It’s exhausting and exhilarating work. Ultimately the album is done and its release culminates in a listening party where he welcomes his actor and musician friends to enjoy his new music.

That’s not the end of his musical journey, however. J-Hope must also get ready for his solo performance and despite being a member of the biggest band in the world, he worries about doing well. He’s performed without BTS before, dancing and singing with Becky G in the video for the single Chicken Soup. Still, delivering a solo concert makes him nervous. In the days leading up to his concert he’s involved in many aspects of the show’s production, from visual effects to choreography, but the hardest part of preparing for the show is that he’s getting ready for a concert without his fellow band members.

The film documents J-Hope’s spirited Lollapalooza performance, which includes him jumping out of a box like an actual jack-in-the-box. Fans may find it interesting to see what’s involved in creating and performing his songs, from defining a sound to fine tuning stage effects. There’s a lot of blood, sweat and tears that goes into making and performing music. There’s also a lot of pre-performance anxiety—even for a performer as talented and popular as J-Hope.

BTS fans will likely enjoy this invitation to spend time with him, whether he’s eating his mom’s cooking or high-fiving it with fellow musicians. While it can be terrifying to venture out on your own, creating something that is uniquely yours is glorious. It’s a rewarding experience for J-Hope and fun to watch.

J-Hope In The Box airs on Disney+ on Feb. 17.

Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/joanmacdonald/2023/02/17/j-hope-in-the-box-documents-j-hopes-jack-in-the-box-musical-journey/