Is Dogetti Likely to Overthrow Dogecoin? How is Polkadot holding up Against Silvergate’s Bank Run?

The Meme Coin Upgrade

Crypto’s latest top meme coin, Dogetti (DETI), is now entering stage two of its presale! You can think of stage two as a second chance for all those that missed out on stage one, which marked the first real blast of success for this token. During stage one, the token garnered a large and thriving community, who all share the same goal of gaining profits while nurturing DETI’s meme-like community spirit.

If you are a fan or have ever found yourself feeling curious about meme coins like Dogecoin (DOGE) or Shiba Inu (SHIB), you will love Dogetti. It’s another humorous and lovable dog-themed meme coin that plans to either join or take over the meme sphere with its community-driven focus while also offering utility to the industry.

So far, DETI has already made a name for itself as the top dog through its comical animation of a group of dogs impersonating the mob, which is meant to represent the token’s community or “family” importance and engagement. The message has attracted meme coin fans on a wide scale, and crypto analysts believe the token could potentially dethrone the so-called king of meme coins, Dogecoin. Although Dogecoin, the original meme coin, is extremely popular and still sits on top, it offers no real-world utility. DETI has already proven itself as DOGE’s equal through its humorous and community involvement, which has made investors confident that the token’s upcoming site swap, DogettiSwap, and NFT collection, in addition to other forms of utility will be enough to turn attention away from other meme coins and towards the new and improved Dogetti.


Is Polkadot Set to Crash 20%?!

Recent news with Silvergates bank run has triggered a major bear run for crypto prices, with Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum’s (ETH) and many other altcoins prices falling almost 5% in a matter of days.

Polkadot’s (DOT) price fell in tandem with the others amidst investors feeling unsafe surrounding the possible ramifications of Silvergate Bank’s failure. It is currently floating around an Exponential Moving Average Price between $6.36 and $6.17. Since the 2nd of this month, the coin has suffered almost 4.5% in losses.


Crypto analysts believe it’s possible that DOT will likely see a 20% crash in the near future. This could throw its price back to $4.8, where it stood in the first week of January. The Silvergate crash is particularly unfortunate for coins like DOT, who have made amazing progress since the FTX crash. The coin managed to reach $7.89 in the new year before crashing down to its current price of $5.89. Like most other altcoins, DOT’s fate depends heavily on Bitcoin’s recovery, and if the leading coin sees another bull run, analysts predict DOT could make a comeback and reach $6.36 in the near future. 

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