Is AIOZ Network Going to Be the Future of Web3 Media?

The AIOZ network has been seeing a decline in unique users while its price is observing a consolidation.

The AIOZ network is a layer-1 interoperable multichain web3 CDN powered by the peer-to-peer Edge Nodes. It is a DePIN for web3 AI, storage, and streaming, empowering faster and more secure decentralized ecosystems. It is one of the most effective networks in terms of cost and scalability, and it has cross-chain compatibility with various other blockchains. The IBC protocol on the AIOZ network has given it a decisive edge in terms of interoperability.

The network has an instant transaction finality with a robust peer-to-peer CDN network. AIOZ blockchain network acts as a backend of the web3 dApps system as all the logic is coded in smart contracts of the blockchain ledger. Meanwhile, the network dCDN is empowered by the community of EDGE nodes to share and deliver the content. The protocol also has a multi-chain architecture with infinite horizontal scalability.

AIOZ Blockchain and Its Latest Developments

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AIOZ network is among the most affordable, secure, and fastest decentralized platforms for dApps and developers. It has a simple and reliable pinning infrastructure. AIOZ network has an average transaction fee of $0.00139 with over 1579423 transactions on the blockchain. There are over 154,045 nodes in the network, most of which are situated in North America.

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 AIOZ is the official governance token of the platform. There are 19060 holders of the token, which has increased by 0.05% in the past few weeks. Meanwhile, the overall unique senders and receivers of the token have declined by 30% from JAN 2024 to the present date. Looking at the total net inflows of the AIOZ token, one can observe that the net deposits and withdrawals across the exchanges have remained the same while the price has fluctuated slightly.

Recently, the AIOZ network launched its Node V3, marking a significant leap forward in distributed AI. It unlocks the full potential of edge AI computing, allowing anyone to participate in the distributed AI tasks directly on their device.

Are AIOZ Bulls Targeting for the $1.5 Threshold?

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AIOZ network has a market cap of $841 Million and is ranked 89th in the CMC.  AIOZ token has a total supply of 1,093,515,330 AIOZ, of which 100% is circulating in the market. The volume of the token has seen a decline of 37% in the intraday session, while the asset price is trading near the value of $0.7698.

The token price is currently forming consolidated candles on the daily chart. It is trading above the 50 and 200 EMA. The upside momentum of the asset price can see a halt near $1. Meanwhile, the support for the AIOZ token price is present near $0.5.

The RSI and MACD for the AIOZ token are in the neutral zone. The overall sentiment of both technical indicators is consolidating.


AIOZ network is becoming attractive to Web3 media. Various dApps have connected with the network and have observed a strong growth in the user base. AIOZ token price is currently in a stagnation mode and can see a new high soon.


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