Invest Cuffs 2023 – one of the largest investment congresses in Europe!

The next edition of the Invest Cuffs Conference and Trade Fair will take place on March 24-25, 2023. This will be the ninth edition of the event, which annually attracts several thousand participants to Krakow, having the opportunity to listen to lectures delivered by more than 120 speakers. We invite all interested parties to participate in this event and jointly create the history of the investment market. Participation is completely free of charge!

What is Invest Cuffs

Invest Cuffs is an annual meeting bringing together the investment market industry – stocks, currencies, commodities, cryptocurrencies, investment funds. It is one of the largest events of its kind in Europe, which annually attracts experts, representatives of major players in the industry, institutional and retail clients.

By joining this event you get the opportunity to attend the conference, trade show, meet investment experts, startup presentations, interviews and testimonials. Invest Cuffs is a big dose of knowledge, excitement and the best networking in the investment industry.

Invest Cuffs is also an opportunity to meet experts and enthusiasts of investment markets. 

Pick up your ticket to Invest Cuffs 2023

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Check out what last year’s edition looked like:


Or see a photofrom Invest Cuffs 2022.

Investment market fair

The Invest Cuffs 2023 Congress is a unique opportunity to learn about new products offered by brokers and companies closely related to the investment market. On the three floors of the Krakow Congress Center, more than 7,000 participants will find more than 120 exhibition stands of brokerage houses, banks, stock exchange companies, market experts and manufacturers of exclusive products, perfectly complementing the profile of an effective and profitable trader or investor. During the ninth edition, participants will be able to get acquainted with the offer of dozens of exhibitors – and a series of gifts and surprises await everyone during the Fair.

We can’t help but invite you again to participate in this special event – let’s meet in Krakow! More information about the conference on the official website.


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