Here’s When Resurgence Mode Is Coming To ‘Warzone 2’ With A New Small Map

Resurgence mode is finally returning to Warzone 2, though its arrival date is later than many fans hoped. That’s because of a Season 2 delay, though it sounds like the wait may be worth it thanks to many big changes coming to the battle royale, including a reworked Gulag.

The return of Resurgence is certainly music to my ears. Many people love traditional battle royale modes, but I’m not a fan. I find that battle royale includes a lot of dying and then waiting around for your squad to buy you back (or die trying). And while some matches can certainly be exhilarating, I miss the faster pace of Resurgence mode, which allows respawning so long as one member of your squad is alive.

When Warzone 2 launched, Activision removed Resurgence mode and both Rebirth Island and the newer small map, Fortune’s Keep, from the original Warzone entirely. There has been no way to play the new mode for weeks now, which has been frustrating for many Call Of Duty fans. The news, which Infinity Ward posted to social media, is certainly welcome.

My hope is that we not only get the new small map, but remastered versions of both Rebirth Island and Fortune’s Keep, which are both excellent maps that I enjoy a great deal more than any of Warzone’s three large maps (Verdansk, Caldera and Al Mahzra). A nice rotation of small Resurgence maps would certainly keep things fresh.

So what about a new map? Well, a leak all the way back in December showed a pretty exciting new small map that seems like the probable new addition when Season 2 rolls around. While the leaked map was deleted, it did reveal a number of points of interest including the classic map Castle. It appears roughly the size of Rebirth Island, though possibly somewhere between that and the larger Fortune’s Keep.

Season 2 of Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare II has been delayed until February 15th. Hopefully we’ll get some word about Gunfight mode returning to multiplayer as well. I miss it just as much—if not more—than Resurgence in Warzone.

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