GSP City: The Foundational Gaming Metropolis of the Metaverse

By now, the concept of the metaverse is nothing strange. Just about every new start-up claims metaverse credentials and that their project will create a metaverse for its community. Web3 does indeed promise a metaverse of opportunity, yet not everything needs to happen in the virtual playgrounds of the future. Gaming, however, does. Gaming is almost certain to be the broader gateway to a commercialized metaverse that will onboard millions of users in the digital heavens of the future.

Get Set Play, a GameFi ecosystem that functions as an online arena, streaming platform, and metaverse hub built for the players is laying the foundations for the players of the future to enjoy more complete, more social, and – whisper it – more profitable experiences as they play the games they love. GSP City will be a crucial hub for the wider gaming metaverse and let communities of every and any game come together to share experiences together.

Why Gaming is the Key to the Wider Metaverse

Gaming will be crucial for metaverse adoption for multiple reasons. Most obviously, it’s the largest entertainment sector in the world. Only slightly less obviously, games themselves already function as escapist universes rendered in 3D graphics that players can lose themselves in. They already have their own in-game economies that people trade-in, and already have digital assets that players value.

By introducing the blockchain and taking advantage of web3 primitives, game developers can give digital ownership of those worlds, of those economies, and of those in-game items. The benefit is turning ‘worthless’ (beyond sentimentality and utility) in-game tokens and items into items of tangible, fungible value.

Even the very virtual landscapes the players walk through can be owned by other players. This provides a fantastic opportunity for games to reward their players and for real value to accumulate within their worlds, as well as opening up novel gaming experiences.

The benefits are richer, deeper game worlds with real-world value and interconnectivity with our everyday lives. A chance to leverage the digital ownership of the blockchain to make players’ playtime and progress truly mean something, to be truly worth something, and to be shareable with others.

GSP City: The Metropolis at the Heart of Gaming

The Get Set Play City (GSP City) will be the hub for all of Get Set Play’s GameFi ecosystem. It will contain virtual stadiums where users can log in to witness the latest esports events for themselves in the GSP Arena. They will be able to meet, challenge, socialize, and play with streamers who are active on the GSP Channel – Get Set Play’s decentralized streaming platform.

It will also act as the connective tissue for everything a competitor, streamer, or end-user does while playing games and streaming within the GSP ecosystem. For example, a streamer may give out NFTs to their passionate community members – say, the top 100 who have watched the most streams.

That NFT could then be worn by users as they wander around the GSP City, showing off their allegiance and their passion for that particular streamer. Maybe a user is playing a game through Get Set Play and earns in-game tokens. They could take those tokens to the GSP marketplace and swap them for other tokens, NFTs, or in-game items they are looking for.

The chance to fuel liquidity cross-platform will be a boon for many games, old and new. A very simple example may be a player who is very skilled at a particular game but wants to try something else. They can amass value in one game with their skills and then swap the earnings for tokens or NFTs in another game they want to try out. 

Huge Tournaments, Massive Streamers, Big Prizes

GSP City will in time evolve into the ultimate gaming hub, with players streaming the streets, seeing their favorite streamers on the billboards on the city’s skyscrapers before walking into the stadium in full virtual reality to see the grand finals of the latest tournament, all the while their avatar showing their passions and connecting them with like-minded fans.

Get Set Play will run multiple events, put on special tournaments (and let the community host their own), and create a frictionless way for users to buy, sell, import, trade, and mint NFTs. Rewards earned from watching streams on the GSP Channel will, of course, be spendable at the local marketplaces, and tournament champions will have their names forever inscribed in the halls of fame.

Gaming guilds will be able to buy and host their own land in GSP City, to give a chance for fans to get to know them better and for them to scout for new talent to join their ranks. Players can set up their own metaverse stores for users to pop by, see their collections, and perhaps avail themselves of some of their wares. It brings a total immersion to gaming with open doors to anyone to become a city citizen and engage in the GameFi activities hidden within. The GSP City will be a metagame to all games, ever-growing and expanding as more users and more games become available on the platform.

Total Interoperability Between Worlds

Interoperability is essential to all this. GSP City will be open to every game. Metaverse is singular, not plural. All true metaverses should connect to one another, and GSP intends for the value generated in its ecosystem to be naturally portable to others. All digital assets – avatars, crypto – will not be landlocked to GetSetPlay. They know – we all know – that open borders, not walled gardens, is the true value that the metaverse provides. The GSP City will be a conduit through which many paths run through. For the end user, it will be the ultimate gaming hub, where they can connect one wallet and experience everything web3 gaming has to offer.

City on a Hill: Get Set Play to Bring Players to Web3

The metaverse is in its infancy. GSP is an important building block that lets gaming bridge seamlessly to web3 and opens up digital ownership to the players and, in doing so, creates a whole new fabric of gaming that continuously thrusts value directly into players’ hands and lets streamers and competitors keep more of the money they deserve from the talent they have. Combined with the GSP Channel and GSP Arena, GSP City will be the heartbeat of a revolution. Get set to be a part of it.

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