GameFi leading the way for Web3 adoption: Metacade presale advances to stage 6

The GameFi space is witnessing explosive growth as the crypto market finds its way out of the long crypto winter that started in 2022.  GameFi projects including the GameFi newcomer Metacade (MCADE) have seen increased traction since the start of the year.

GameFi (an intersection of gaming and finance) has revolutionized the gaming industry through enhanced user experience, integrated financial rewards, and collectables. In just a few years, the sector has grown to a multi-billion-dollar market. The market size is forecast to hit $38 billion by 2028 as game developers, investors, and millions if not billions of players compete for a seat at the revenue-sharing table.

Are new GameFi projects like Metacade good investment opportunities?

The beauty of GameFi projects is that there is always a ready market. Millions of game players prefer Web3 games compared to Web2 games which focus more on rewarding developers and investors at the expense of players who make up the bulk of the gaming ecosystem.

New projects like Metacade started catching investor attention when it launched the MCADE token presale that raised $5 million in ten weeks. 

Five presale rounds out of the total seven rounds have already sold out raising $9.3 million. This leaves investors with only two rounds to go before the presale closes and the hotly sought-after MCADE token finally lists on public exchanges including Bitmart and Uniswap. If interested, you can join the Metacade Presale here.

What is Metacade and what is MCADE used for?

Metacade is an arcade GameFi project that allows gamers to hang out, play exclusive blockchain-based play-to-earn (P2E) games, and share gaming knowledge while generating income and building their careers in Web3. The project has continued to see phenomenal uptake of its MCADE token through the ongoing presale that has raised more than $9.3 million.

The project aims to become a full-fledged DAO starting in 2024 to give the community full control over the project’s governance using the MCADE token, the native token for Metacade.

The MCADE token is the fuel for the Metacade ecosystem and it is used in all transactions on the platform including rewards. Gamers will be rewarded using MCADE tokens for overcoming challenges, completing tasks, battling it out in PvP sessions, sharing knowledge with fellow gamers, writing game reviews, and engaging in events.

How far will MCADE price go?

MCADE token price has exponentially increased since the start of the presale and it is projected to move higher if the presale closes successfully and translates to a listing on major cryptocurrency exchanges. In the previous presale round the MCADE token demand pushed the token sale cap to a price of $0.0155 and the current sixth round has the price capped at $0.017. 

The token price is expected to rise to $0.020 in the last presale round. That said, early investors stand a better long-term gain if they invest in Metacade’s infancy. 

Is Metacade worth buying?

Well, that’s up to you as an investor since as an investor you need to consider many factors before making an investment, especially portfolio allocation and diversification.

Besides the many GameFi and metaverse benefits that Metacade offers, investors are attracted to Metacade because of the Metagrants initiative, a source of funding for game developers who want to build their projects on the platform. 

In Metagrants, developers will submit game proposals, the community will vote on the proposals and the most popular proposals will go to the funding round where investors get a chance to cash in. While this makes Metacade a go-to platform for game developers, it also increases the number of projects that investors can invest in.

Metacade’s comprehensive plan to change the face of the metaverse gaming industry as outlined in its whitepaper and the value of the MCADE token makes Metacade a good investment choice. Metacade also received approval from leading blockchain auditing firm Certik placing it among other Certik-approved projects, meaning it is transparent, a strong selling point that is in high demand after multiple large crypto blowouts.