FTX crash gives Avalanche the edge with this deal – Details – Cryptopolitan

The recent FTX exchange crash has created an opportunity for Avalanche to step up and make a major move in the gaming industry.

TSM, the global esports and creator-focused company, and Blitz, the company’s competitive gaming platform, have announced that they will be partnering with Avalanche, the cutting-edge blockchain platform, to revolutionize the gaming industry.

The partnership was initially slated for FTX, but obviously, after the collapse, it had to fall through.

Avalanche becomes an exclusive blockchain partner

The collaboration between TSM and Blitz with Avalanche names Avalanche as the Exclusive Blockchain Partner for TSM and Blitz. With Avalanche, TSM will create new experiences for players, fans, and creators, marking a major step forward in bringing player-first Web3 gaming products mainstream. TSM and Blitz will also use Core to power all user payments and to store, sell, and purchase digital assets.

As part of the partnership, Blitz’s gaming app, which has 30 million users, will be built on an Avalanche Subnet, custom blockchains designed to maximize speed, security, and scalability.

Blitz’s Subnet will use AVAX for gas fees, burning a portion of AVAX fees with every transaction that gamers make. In the future, the Blitz Subnet intends to evolve into an Elastic Subnet, enabling greater community involvement by allowing users to validate the Subnet.

Avalanche’s fully customizable subnets were created to help organizations like TSM push the boundaries of what is possible for gaming with sub-second transaction speed, scalability, and security for millions of users.

TSM will host Avalanche-branded tournaments on the Blitz Subnet to help gamers improve their skills with performance insights and learning tools and also allows players to compete in Blitz Arena for prizes.

The partnership comes at a key time for Avalanche gaming; with Avalanche’s many popular live games and anticipated titles coming from top publishers, Avalanche has emerged as the leader for game developers and players.

Long-term vision

Andy Dinh, founder and CEO of TSM and Blitz, expressed excitement about partnering with Avalanche on experiences that will add value to their users and fans. He said:

They are an authentic leader in this space, and together we share a long-term vision of building products that are authentic and beneficial to our community.

John Wu, President at Ava Labs, noted that partnering with TSM brings truly innovative gaming experiences to players around the world.

He added that Avalanche’s completely configurable subnets were developed to assist companies like TSM in achieving their goals of achieving sub-second transaction speed, scalability, and security for millions of users in the gaming industry.

The TSM, Blitz, and Avalanche partnership is set to revolutionize the gaming industry. The use of Avalanche’s fully customizable subnets and AVAX for gas fees in Blitz’s gaming app creates an exciting opportunity for gamers to improve their skills and compete for prizes.

With sub-second transaction speed, scalability, and security for millions of users, Avalanche’s subnets are uniquely positioned to provide innovative solutions for game developers and players.

Source: https://www.cryptopolitan.com/ftx-crash-gives-avalanche-the-edge-with-this-deal-details/