Fiat & KIA demonstrate the practical application of ChatGPT

Fiat and KIA become one of the first companies to take a step forward and leverage the practical applications of the generative AI chatbot – ChatGPT. Per the reports, Fiat and KIA will now sell cars in the Metaverse by utilizing the capabilities of ChatGPT. The basic function will be to answer questions of the customers supported by the actual sales consultant, who will pop up depending on the complexity of the question or requirements of the customer.

Metaverse, unlike the real world, can outgrow its pre-defined geographical boundaries. Meaning ventures can step in and expand the virtual space with their presence, like through a restaurant or a showroom.

Fiat and KIA share the idea of allowing customers to take a virtual tour of the showrooms and ask questions about the cars. The interactive virtual assistants will gladly assist them. ChatGPT has been on social media for right and wrong reasons. For now, it looks like the OpenAI-launched chatbot has come with something positive.

Sure, time will tell, and it should actually do so in the form of feedback so that Fiat and KIA can work on improvements to complement the long-term plan of having an interactive assistant while driving the car. This is something that has been clarified from the side of Fiat.

Edo Segal talked to the media and said that in the future, they could come up with an interactive manual. Edo is the Chief Executive Officer of Touchcast – a developer of Fiat’s metaverse store. Edo has also shed light on the project by stating that it will mimic the way humans interact in the real world.

Fiat has kickstarted the launch from Italy. Other regions are in the waiting line, depending on how the mechanism works out.

The virtual stores of Fiat and KIA can be accessed through laptops or computers; however, it is best recommended to use VR headsets.KIA’s metaverse project is powered by Engage, a leading metaverse platform in the industry.

Further expansions for both companies will also depend on how well they perform in international regions. A good response to the brands, say, in the USA, will surely see them opening up the metaverse project to the residents of the US. Virtual assistants in the Metaverse will interact like normal humans by using statements like let me show you.

Fiat has named its virtual assistant Fiat Genious. KIA is yet to reveal that detail. It is a surety that both ventures will look to provide answers to all the basic questions.

Metaverse is expanding in terms of utility and community. The adoption across the world by different industries proves that there is a lot more for the Metaverse to explore and offer to the world. Users preferring to stay at home and still explore the world find Metaverse to be the option, something that brands have started to pick up on.