‘Euphoria’ Ratings Have Doubled In Season 2, Season 3 Already Greenlit

HBO Max has cemented itself as the second most powerful force in streaming behind Netflix, with a long string of must-watch, highly rated shows. And one of its biggest successes early in 2022 here is the second season of Euphoria.

Euphoria season 2 is putting up numbers that are flat-out double what we saw from Euphoria season 1. The season 2 premiere attracted 13.1 million viewers across HBO and HBO Max, double the 6.6 million of the season 1 average. Granted, 2019 was an eon ago, and HBO Max didn’t even exist then, but this does count figures from HBO Now and HBO Go, which is what HBO was (confusingly) using back then.

Viewership for episode over episode is up, minus when the show had to compete with the AFC championship last weekend. And the premiere night of episode 4 was 166% higher in season 2 than episode 4 in season 1.

All of this has led HBO to already renew Euphoria for season 3, no great surprise, given its performance. It had to take a very lengthy break due to the pandemic, but fans had at least two hours of Euphoria content with individualized Rue and Jules episodes in the interim.

Euphoria is now consistently one of the most talked about series on social media every Sunday as fans debate all the twists and turns of the series as it goes increasingly off the rails. In a good way? Bad way? That’s what fans have been debating.

The show has always had star Zendaya in its corner, but its other success story has been Sydney Sweeney, who has now gone on to star in other HBO projects like The White Lotus and a few Amazon original movies. Hunter Schaefer has also been a standout, penning her own solo episode for the break between seasons 1 and 2.

It’s unclear where Euphoria goes from here, because as a wholly original production, there’s no source material guiding the way, nor ability to read ahead to tell what comes next. As long as it keeps performing like this, HBO will have no problem renewing it indefinitely, though I would guess it probably wouldn’t go past season 4 or 5, as even with total freedom, usually showrunners have an idea in mind of how they want things to wrap up before they overstay their welcome. For Euphoria, we’ll have to see what the rest of its journey holds.

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Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/paultassi/2022/02/06/euphoria-ratings-have-doubled-in-season-2-season-3-already-greenlit/