Dozen Ballistic Missiles Strike Near U.S. Consulate In Northern Iraq, No Casualties Reported


At least 12 ballistic missiles struck the northern Iraqi city of Erbil on Sunday near the U.S. Consulate building, local and U.S. officials said, in an incident that is being blamed on neighboring Iran and may ratchet up tensions in the region.

Key Facts

No casualties were reported and no group or country has claimed responsibility for the attack, but a U.S. official told Reuters that the missiles were launched from Iran.

According to the Associated Press, there are conflicting reports about the strike with Iraqi officials claiming the missile hit the U.S. consulate while U.S. officials said there was no damage to any U.S. government facility and no indication that the consulate was the intended target.

The regional foreign media office head later noted that none of the missiles actually hit the U.S. building but areas around the compound have been struck.

A State Department spokesperson denounced the “outrageous attack” against Iraqi sovereignty.

Iran’s state-run IRNA news agency reported the attack citing Iraqi media sources but made no mention about its origin, the Associated Press report adds.

This is a developing story.