Dogetti, Ripple, and Cardano: Is Cardano Actually DeFi?

The new Top Dog-Themed Presale Token

Last month, we met the newest dog-themed meme coin introduced to crypto, Dogetti (DETI). Though still in the first stage of its presale, DETI has made an excellent impression on the industry, offering some of the best crypto combinations we’ve ever seen. Meme coins are known for gathering investors based on their fun humor-driven community spirit, while other successful altcoins are popular for the practical utility they offer. Dogetti has fused the two worlds together by prioritizing its fan base without neglecting the contribution of useful and interesting forms of utility.

DETI puts lots of importance and focus on its community and has included this ethos into its branding in various ways. Firstly, the team replaced the term community and instead referred to their users as “family” members. This reflects in their token’s mascot in a very meme-like fashion, with funny-looking dogs dressed as the mob and smoking cigars. In terms of utility, DETI plans to launch features such as an exchange site, DogettiSwap, reflection rewards, and a soon-to-come NFT collection.

All things considered, it’s no wonder that investors are flocking to accumulate DETI tokens now while they’re still selling at the cheap price of $0.0007. A couple of weeks ago, the team made the token even more affordable with a 25% discount code WISEGUY25. It’s important to note that this code is limited and will only be available during stage one of the Dogetti presale.

XRP’s Interview with Bloomberg

Both Ripple and the SEC are still waiting for judgment by the court. In an interview with Bloomberg, the CEO of Ripple (XRP), Brad Garlinghouse, warns us against the potentially disastrous ramifications should the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) win its lawsuit against the XRP. He has accused the SEC of their case against Ripple not having much to do with XRP but the industry in general. He claims that SEC’s victory would disrupt the entire world of crypto because the same kind of maximal policing will be applied to other crypto companies. He also noted that “The macro headline for me is this is not a healthy way to regulate an industry.” He then talks about how the SEC’s attitude towards enforcement is extreme and also differs greatly from how other countries approach these issues. He then referred to their system in more detail by explaining how they create a framework that protects consumers without stunting the growth of crypto.

ADA accused of centralization?

Vanessa Harris, a Web3 advisor, posted a Tweet that accused Cardano (ADA) of centralization regarding the coins governance structure. She believes that the company behind ADA’s development, IOG, possesses full control over the coin. She cited a Cardano Improvement Proposal that proves the company will continue to have ultimate power over the network in most cases. Cardanos founder, Charles Hoskinson, said little in response apart from labeling these claims as “categorically false” and acknowledging that governance is “a complicated affair.”

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