Dogetti and Dogecoin Comparison: Is Binance the New FTX?

In only a few weeks, Dogetti (DETI) has marked its paw print as one of crypto’s top presale tokens of 2023! The meme coin has already attracted a large community by branding itself as a “Family,” which is meant to exhibit how they engage with their investors regularly. They understand that strong communication is the key to meeting user needs and thus keeping them happy, which elevates the token’s value as a result. DETI also plans to offer more user governance on future developments throughout projects like their exchange app, DogettiSwap, and NFT collection.

Dogetti VS. Other Top Meme Coins

So why do crypto analysts view the new presale token as a threat to the two leading meme coins, Dogecoin and Shiba Inu? Well, these two tokens achieved fame through the fun, lovable, and community-orientated culture that meme coins are all about. However, Dogetti possesses those same qualities while also offering crypto utility! Many investors dismiss meme coins, and not necessarily because they don’t want to participate in their gleeful communities, but rather because they don’t respect their lack of utility. DETI offers the industry a meme coin with plans to contribute great utility in addition to the fun and light-hearted side that DOGE and SHIB offer.

DETI’s developing rapidly, recently making headlines about securing their contract address on the Ethereum (ETH) network, in addition to closing the doors to the first stage of their presale. It’s highly likely that stage two will double in growth because the token is entering an already established community who are spreading the word. Moreover, there are many newcomers who were late to the scene experiencing FOMO, determined not to miss out on any more of DETI’s token deals before its prices rise.

How is BNB Holding Up Against Recent Accusations?

After Coinbase announced its decision to suspend Binance’s BUSD trading, the coins’ selling pressure increased immediately. Recently, the Binance exchange has been subject to accusations of mishandling customer funds, similar to the FTX scandal. The exchange allegedly transferred over $1.75 billion in stablecoins to a variety of hedge funds. So far, Binance’s BNB’s price has withstood the negative events, but crypto analysts believe that its price may fall for a short while.

Since April of last year, BNB’s price has mostly fluctuated between $240 and $360, with the exception of a short-lived and minor slip in May. BNB holders are watching the token’s price stretch close to $360 but have yet to reach it.

Analysts claim that if the BNB price breaks $360, the token may likely graduate to its next resistance at $470. However, if it loses momentum, the price could fall back to the bottom of the range at $240. Overall, they predict that BNB is set to drop to $265 briefly before mounting the bulls and suppressing $360.

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