Crust NFT and NFTscan Collaborate Strategically on NFT Data

NFTScan and Crust NFT collaborate to give creators the power to shape the future of NFTs! Crust NFT is a multi-chain Non-Fungible Token minting system that facilitates advanced smart contract implementation and minting. 

NFTSCAN is a framework for proficient NFT asset browsing and data processing. All NFT customers will mint NFTs and handle NFT assets with ease.

Simultaneously, customers can access details of assets, exchanges, and wallets to understand the real-time effects of the NFT market. NFTScan will collaborate with CrustNFT to build the NFT ecosystem’s infrastructure.

NFTSCAN is a competent NFT browser and data open platform that has completely covered the complete information of Ethereum and BNB chain NFT assets. On March 1st, 2022, the NFTSCAN Open API open platform had 500+ active developer accounts, and an increasing number of Web3 developers are now using NFTSCAN’s data services. Their goal is to be the top-most influential blockchain infrastructure provider, offering developers safe and reliable data assistance and consumers precise and effective retrieval services.

Crust NFT is a Crust Network-powered all-in-one NFT smart contract deployment and minting tool. Users can create their own NFT collections, publicly release them to some of the most popular online markets, and safely stash the NFT metadata in a decentralized manner. It enables designers to create compilations with 10,000 NFTs without writing any code. Crust NFT is a one-stop-shop for all of your minting requirements.

Crust Network is a flexible, intent-built storage blockchain enabling truly decentralized storage server and hosting for the whole Web3 ecosystem, uplifting privacy and information ownership. Crust Network supports NFT metadata storage, dApp hosting, and storage of encrypted files across multiple blockchains.