Cowboy Snake Partners Roseon for Optimized Yield

Cowboy Snake recently announced a partnership with Roseon, a mobile yield aggregator. The collaboration will see Cowboy Snake leverage Roseon’s NFT and crypto portfolio management.

In addition, the projects will optimize yield across CeFi and DeFi networks. Cowboy Snake announced the partnership on its official Twitter channel, and the tweet informed users about the collaboration and the chance to win COWS tokens.

The partnership allows Cowboy users to earn up to 48,863 dollars in COWS tokens. The reward will be directly provided to their wallets, which one can use to earn profits or trade NFTs.

Players can easily use the opportunity to explore the Cowboy Snake ecosystem and find optimal earning prospects. Roseon has released a dedicated web page for users to learn more about the reward-earning opportunities.

Users can test their luck on Spin2Win with only 5 Roses, and they merely have to activate a spin to win up to 1,000 dollars in COWS. Besides this, they can experience Stake & Draw, an intuitive version of the classical staking mechanics.

With Stake & Draw spins, players can win up to 3,000 dollars in COWS. The subscription period for the event is valid from 18th July 9:00 UTC to 25th July 00:00 UTC. During the period, users will not earn any mining or staking rewards.

Moreover, they must lock the assets for 14 days, from 25th July to 8th August. Users cannot redeem the rewards before the period ends.

Besides all this, they can leverage the bear market by investing in COWS tokens for fixed rewards. The ventures offer users a 100% fixed APR for locking their assets for 90 days.

Alternatively, users can reap the benefits of flexible farming by staking ROSN tokens, earning COWS in return. Like other projects, this event will run from 18th July to 16th October, and users can stake and harvest their rewards without restriction.

As a popular play-to-earn venture, Cowboy Snake is revolutionizing the GameFi industry. Its collaboration with a renowned mobile-centric crypto investment platform like Roseon brings several benefits to users, which is why the community welcomes the collaboration with open arms.